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FNPFamily Nurse Practitioner
FNPFrankfurter Neue Presse (German: Frankfurter New Press; Frankfurter, Germany)
FNPFiordland National Park (New Zealand)
FNPFrederick News-Post (Frederick, MD newspaper)
FNPFront National Progressiste (French: National Progressive Front; Syria)
FNPFamily Nutrition Program (various locations)
FNPFamily Nurse Partnership (various locations)
FNPFundy National Park (Canada)
FNPFriday Night Party
FNPFood and Nutrition Programme (UN)
FNPFoundation for National Progress (Mother Jones)
FNPF-Secure Network Protocol
FNPFrontend Network Processor
FNPFrysk Nasjonale Partij (Dutch: Frisian National Party)
FNPFixed Number Portability (phone numbers)
FNPFictitious Name Permit (California)
FNPFusion Point
FNPForest and Nature Conservation Policy Group (UK)
FNPFédération Nationale des Podologues
FNPFonds National de Prévention (French: National Prevention Fund)
FNPFreedom Nutritional Products (Australia)
FNPFirst National Pictures (now Warner Brothers)
FNPFacilitacion Neuromuscular Propioceptiva (Spanish; Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation; physical therapy)
FNPFifth and Pacific Companies (formerly Liz Claiborne, Inc.; est. 1976)
FNPFijian Nationalist Party (political party)
FNPFlextel Number Presentation (phone numbers)
FNPFirewall Network Processor
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Self-assessment of trauma competencies among army family nurse practitioners. Mil Med.
Pace joined Mercy Clinic Primary Care-Chaffee Crossing also as a family nurse practitioner. Quitoriano-Aulakh joined Mercy Kids in March as a board-certified family nurse practitioner.
Galen College of Nursing BSN Education Program in San Antonio; and Texas A&M University Commerce Family Nurse Practitioner Program in Commerce.
The Master's of Science in Nursing programs at OU include four tracks: Administrative/Management; Education; Clinical Nurse Specialist; and Family Nurse Practitioner. The Doctor of Nursing Practice program prepares nurse leaders to become clinical scholars, health care and policy leaders and evidence-based practice experts as well as informatics and quality improvement leaders.
Romanelly is a board-certified family nurse practitioner, specializing in wellness and prevention for patients of all ages.
In 2012 I completed my Family Nurse Practitioner and Debra Scott was still the Executive Director.
Karen Kadas, ARNP, is a family nurse practitioner and transplant from east Tennessee.
A Family Nurse Practitioner 1974-99 then a family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner since then.
When I decided to go back to school in 2001 and pursue my degree for a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), I thought I knew exactly what my role of a FNP would be on a daily basis.
Janeen Dahn Family Nurse Practitioner is perfectly appropriate.
The Correctional Health Unit staffing is comprised of an Administrative Director, Director of Nursing, a full-time Family Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Supervisor, Quality Assurance Nurse, ten full-time RNs, one Behavioral Health Specialist, twelve full-time LPNs, one part-time RN, and two administrative staff.