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FQOLFamily Quality of Life
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Beach Center on Disability Family Quality of Life Scale (FQOL Scale).
Confirmatory factor analysis of a family quality of life scale for families of kindergarten children without disabilities.
It can be highlighted that the pioneers on family quality of life research are the group of the Beach Center on Disability Research at the University of Kansas (USA) and the International Project on Family Quality of Life, which was initially composed of researchers from Canada, Australia and Israel.
The group of the Beach Center on Disability Research at the University of Kansas has published a series of studies on the development of a definition for family quality of life (7,8) and an instrument for its measurement (8,9).
[check] Family quality of life changes as each family member experiences life.
We applied the family quality of life conceptual framework as a working model for this article.
The Family Quality of Life Scale (FQOLS), a 10-item self report measure in a Likert type format developed from the original 40-item scale that was part of the Family Inventories of McCubbin and associates (Olson et al.
For example, it would be reasonable to expect that provision or mobilization of supports and resources (a service coordination process variable) would improve family quality of life (an outcome variable).
More recently, Turnbull and her colleagues (Turnbull et al., 2000; Turnbull et al., in press) have developed a conceptual framework of family quality of life based on; (a) data from 34 focus groups of parents of children with and without disabilities, individuals with disabilities, service providers, and administrators (159 respondents), and (b) individual interviews with 20 parents with limited English proficiency.
Our final question, the extent to which early intervention has influenced child and family quality of life, is both a synthesis of the first seven questions as well as an extension into a new domain.