FAMMFull Array Memory Mirroring
FAMMFédération des Associations Mycologiques Méditerranéennes (French: Mediterranean Mycological Federation of Associations)
FAMMFuel and Marine Marketing (now Chevron Global Marine Products; ChevronTexaco)
FAMMFédération des Associations Mahoraises de Métropole (French: Metropolis of Mahorian Federation of Associations)
FAMMFestival d'Albières des Musiques du Monde (French music festival)
FAMMFinancial and Accounting Methods Manual
FAMMFluorescence Alteration of Multiple Macerals (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Australia)
FAMMFamiles against Mandatory Minimums
FAMMFacial Artery Musculo-Mucosal Flap
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7N440, "Colonel Fonnsagrives, Commander of Camp Corneau to Lenoral Famm, Director of Colonial troops," November 1916.
Famm compares the process of "reading and writing" electrical impulses passing through bundles of nerves to that of signaling in communication cables transporting digital information.
See Wallace, supra note 21, at 9 (explaining how mandatory minimums were criticized for "treat[ing] casual violators as severely as they treat hardened criminals" without providing the expected reduction in drug violations); FAMM, supra note 133, at 5.
1997; Famm and Morrow, 2003; Davi, Falco, Patrono, 2004).
5, 2001, at A1 (reporting that Todd Hopson, a Vignali co-defendant serving eighteen years, "more closely fits the model that Clinton, FAMM [Families Against Mandatory Minimums] and others have spoken of--a first-time offender, a minor role in the drug crime, and someone who does not have the money or connections to get out of prison early").
Other forms in existence coming from this root include fam (only Saudi Arabia and Andalusia), fum, ufum, famm, fumm, f[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]mm, fomm, [theta]um, [theta]im, timm, [theta]umm, t[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]mm, s[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]mm, i[theta]um, and u[theta]um.
FAMM believes judges are the best ones to make that decision, arguing that mandatory minimums take away their power to do so.
Williams, the son of Sherrie Famm of Yoncalla, is a communications and information officer assigned at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.
FAMM supports the use of guidelines to influence the sentencing judge's discretion, but considers the retention of discretion essential to proportionate sentencing.
Working closely with Republican State Representative Barbara Dobb, FAMM crafted a bill with safeguards to insure that the key players in the drug trade serve the longest sentences.
Families Against Mandatory Minimums, or FAMM, a national citizens group that advocates the reform of federal and state mandatory sentencing laws, points to a recent Gallup Poll that found 90 percent of 350 state and 49 federal judges surveyed opposed to federal mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offenses.