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There are many good points to fan fiction, as it definitely encourages reading and writing.
Since its emergence, the Twilight series has inspired an abundance of fan fiction, with a growing body of authors rewriting its protagonist as anorexic.
The fans who gather to engage in things such as collaboratively writing Harry Potter fan fiction do so to join in fellowship and express their true selves.
Modern fan fiction (aka fanfic), or the practice of writing original stories using established characters and worlds, is generally thought to have begun with Kirk and Spock ships.
Our understanding of racial and national identities and theories of desire that infuse fan fiction studies "mutually benefit from an archive grounded in the reimagined media histories of people of color" (Carrington 195).
The "Star Wars" phenomenon has also led fans to create their own theories and fan fiction of the series.
We call it fan fiction today but at age 11 I was writing novellas based on my favourite shows - Mission: Impossible, U.N.C.L.E., The Invaders - because I needed more than one adventure a week.
Taking unauthorized copyrighted materials for our mashups, remixes, fan fiction, videos, music, photos, and blogs challenges and strains a copyright system that has yet to adapt easily to the realities of how content is created, viewed, monetized, and consumed today.
Los Angeles, CA, October 08, 2015 --( The next record release from the Fan Fiction DJs, titled Discothe?que, is currently scheduled to debut on 11/23/2015.
Scholars of fan studies believes that fan fiction can be seen as an interpretive and analytical act that gives insight into the reception of a text by its audience.