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Fan magazine articles made it clear that Dee had an eating disorder, and these same articles point to her serious personal problems, as well.
Follow these links, and you could wind up anywhere: from "fan magazine" pages devoted to individual dancers, to repositories of arts-management information, or a "virtual museum" exhibit of Edgar Degas's artworks.
Part social history, part fan magazine, part seance, the podcast plays like a mashup of Turner Classic Movies and Elvira.
But worse than this, is the vicious article written about her in a US fan magazine.
The website of the Dylan fan magazine ISIS reported earlier that Dylan was scheduled to perform in Beijing on April 6 and Shanghai on April 8, although Dylan's official website doesn't list those tour dates.
PICTURE the scene: you run a company which makes a range of highly influential, cult children's adventure games, toys and other merchandise, including a monthly fan magazine which contains a gift of some sort.
I have written to reason before about its apparent conversion into a druggie fan magazine. My breaking point has been reached.
Landmark got into the sports-pub game in 1997 with The Cats' Pause, a fan magazine geared to University of Kentucky alumni and fans.
Director Marc Forster told AFP Craig was "the best Bond ever," while Graham Rye, editor of the fan magazine 007, described him as "a compelling actor."
If there's a criticism of this racy, entertaining history of the Bond phenomenon, it's that the authors sometimes descend into the gushing prose of the fan magazine, where breathy enthusiasm often takes precedence over critical distance.
Jean Catherall, of the Beatles fan magazine, Beatles Scene, said: ``I think Sir Paul McCartney is in danger of alienating a large number of fans by appearing to care so much about a petty thing like this.