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FanFicFan Fiction
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Fanfic has existed as long as writing has existed, but cosplay is a fairly recent phenomenon.
Given the communal creation of fanfics (created by and for fans), it is common practice for fanfic authors to establish close and ongoing bonds with those who beta their work, with these readers often being credited as co-creators of the texts (Black & Steinkuehler, 2009: 276).
One fan, in an open letter to authors who condemn fanfiction or (attempt to) forbid fanfiction of their works, says You think fanfic is a personal affront to the many hours you've spent carefully crafting your characters.
It could be argued that the way stories were first passed on from one cyfarwydd to another, in the days of halls and harps and fires, were versions of fanfic.
Indeed, in Jenkins' discussion of fanfic, one adherent states that 'we have the ability to keep changing our characters and giving them new life over and over.
This is only one example of how entries in The Cult TV Book from archivists, writers of tie-in novels and/ or fanfic authors contribute to how 'cult' is understood within an academic context by providing readers with alternative perspectives on the subject.
Cependant, la fanfic peut aussi s'opposer au jeu et rompre avec la continuite de l'univers pour affirmer une identite propre au joueur et des relations sociales singulieres dans le cadre de son equipe (guilde).
This occurs in both the fields of "theory"--reader--response work that stresses the reader as fully participant in the construction of textual meaning--and "research," as with a current tendency in sociology of readership to focus on the ways in which readers in turn become literary producers (through fanfic involvement, for example).
Real life--RL," in the shorthand of bloggers, fanfic writer, and email aficionados--is what training simulations are all about, or are supposed to be about.
I know there are people who conscientiously don't write in fandoms where the creator has expressly requested that there be no fanfic.
Fanfic has been around for a long time, but it has attracted an unusual amount of media attention in the last three or four years.