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Risque humour should appeal to parents while the fantasy violence is mild enough to excite rather than terrify younger viewers.
More to the point, if Adelstein is right that fantasy violence translates readily into real-world violence, that effect should be reflected in crime statistics.
Contains fantasy violence and scary monsters; suitable for junior high schoolers on up, and recommended for manga collections that want a good fantasy title.
There's mild fantasy violence - notably a plot by evil monkey Mojo Jojo to create his own planet of the apes - but girlpower plus groovy animation rules again.
The conclusion reiterates the call for universal media literacy education as preferable to censorship in responding to "continuing concerns about sexual messages, stereotypes, and fantasy violence in the mass media" (p.
Distribs already do this in their posters--"Men in Black II," for instance, is advertised as "PG: contains mild fantasy violence and language." But some exhibs are still dragging their feet.
"I think this film now allows him to deal with his frustration with Bond,with no sex on screen and just fantasy violence.
One study reported that of 357 seventh and eighth grade students, approximately 32% selected games that involved fantasy violence, 17% selected games that involved human violence, and another 30% selected sports games, many of which have violent sub-themes (Funk, 1993).
Yet the band's promises of violence are appropriate to the present American climate on another account: They meet the fantasy violence of the rest of the culture head on.
This issue is particularly problematic since, of the 1,000 fourth- through eighth-graders in the study, "girls preferred games, such as Pacman, that they characterized as Fantasy Violence."
And who's to say, if the Romans had today's fantasy violence technology, maybe they would have forgone the Coliseum.
Of course, the writer didn't seem bothered that many of these same kids view fantasy violence on a daily basis.