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FNQFundação Nacional da Qualidade (Portuguese: National Quality Foundation; Brazil)
FNQFar North Queensland
FNQFamily Needs Questionnaire
FNQFairley Nasal Questionnaire
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The major region in Far North Queensland to which BU is endemic is a rim of valleys and lowlands surrounding the Dagmar Range and extending from Daintree and Forest Creek in the northern region to Mossman in the southern region (6).
63 MW Barron Gorge Power Station (hydro) in Far North Queensland
This article describes the genesis of a high-fidelity HD simulation program in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia, and reports the evaluation of this training method in a cohort of 78 bachelor-prepared nurses.
The airline chief commercial officer, Peter Baumgartner, said, 'We believe the Australia Skypass will be a boon for domestic tourism in Australia, giving untapped European tourists access to secondary ports such as Tasmania and Far North Queensland, as well as connectivity between the major capital cities.
The 2008 race had 60 starters representing 16 different yacht clubs stretching from Far North Queensland to Victoria.
Geographically Isolated Students from Far North Queensland exchanged school papers and computers for spray cans, graffiti stencils, wax and collage materials to attend the Public Art Workshops over the past three years.
The community of the Tully region in far north Queensland has teamed up with scientists from CSIRO's Water for a Healthy Country Flagship to create a leading example of participatory research in action.
Several people were injured and many homes were destroyed when a powerful tropical cyclone hit far north Queensland in Australia on Monday, the local meteorological center and media reports said.
The narrative story by Christopher Fry (who is from Maningrida, a remote town on the coast of central Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory and whose tribal group is Burarra) is perfectly enhanced with the heart-felt artwork of Delphine Sarago-Kendrick, a descendant of the Yidinji and Jirrbal people of far north Queensland.
But this story is anything but ordinary and their life experiences were anything but mundane: growing up without parents on a mission in far north Queensland, living on Kunmunya Mission in the Kimberley, skippering a boat along the Western Australia coast, living in Broome during the Japanese air raids, raising eleven children and fostering others, being exempted from the Act, contracting leprosy and spending time in a leprosarium.
Since 1999, most secondary students from the Indigenous community of Lockhart River in far north Queensland (Australia) have attended boarding schools in other places.
The 37-year-old actor rented out exclusive Double Island resort off the coast of far north Queensland in Australia for his private party - at almost 7,000 each.