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FTLFaster Than Light (Xenosaga game)
FTLFaster Than Light
FTLFor the Ladies
FTLFort Lauderdale (Florida)
FTLFor the Lord
FTLFruit of the Loom
FTLFollow The Leader (Korn album)
FTLFull Truck Load
FTLFeel the Love
FTLFree Talk Live
FTLFlash Translation Layer (media format for linear flash memory)
FTLFlying Tiger Line (airline; 1945-1989)
FTLFreedom to Learn (Michigan)
FTLFreedom to Live
FTLFailure to Launch
FTLFluorescent Tube Light
FTLFrequent Traveller (fares)
FTLFailure to Load
FTLFixed Term License
FTLFlash Translation Layer
FTLFailure to Lodge (Australia)
FTLFar Too Loud
FTLField Team Leader
FTLFederal Tax Lien
FTLFire Team Leader
FTLFlight Time Limit
FTLFor the Loss
FTLFellowship Tract League (religion)
FTLFor the Lose
FTLFerritin Light Chain
FTLFoncia Transaction Location (French real estate company)
FTLFlip Top Lighter
FTLFar Target Locator
FTLFluid Transfer Line (oil and gas industry)
FTLFor the Lulz
FTLFull Thickness Laceration
FTLFrench the Llama (Nerdfighters)
FTLFunctional Team Leader (various organizations)
FTLForget The Law (polite form)
FTLFinancial Transactions for Lawyers
FTLFlight Telecommunications Laboratory
FTLFinancial Transaction Ledger
FTLFriends Turned Lovers
References in classic literature ?
"Never!" exclaimed Heyward, in a voice far too loud for their circumstances.
Not only did he go far too loud, far too high-pitched, far too early, he kept on going, screaming the instant reaction which David Coleman used to keep to "1-0" for a full 20-odd seconds.
He told me: "They were far too loud to have been shotguns or sonic booms, or fireworks - unless someone had ignited one right below my window.
A room built with standard-construction walls adjacent to the home theater would have sound levels of about seventy decibels, which is far too loud for conversation.
One resident said in a written objection to the council: "Music is far too loud considering that this is a residential area, and to have the music playing so late is affecting my right to have a peaceful sleep and rest.
Mostly it's a combination of these factors that leads to the biggest problem of all - they're far too loud.
ILLUMINAUGHTY 5TH BIRTHDAY - THE MASKED BALL: With Krunch, Ephedrix, Far Too Loud and Rizo.
Fed-up Anna Gibbons had first complained to Madigan almost two years ago about playing his CDs far too loud at his home on Prospect Road in Longwood.
McMillan now agreed that his behaviour had been "totally unacceptable" and that the music had been far too loud.