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FIRFinite Impulse Response
FIRFar Infrared
FIRFederal Inland Revenue (Nigeria)
FIRFixed Income Research
FIRFortune International Realty (Florida)
FIRFalling in Reverse (band)
FIRFirst Information Report
FIRFederal Inspection Report (US FEMA)
FIRFast Infrared
FIRFor Immediate Release
FIRFederazione Italiana Rugby (Italian: Italian Rugby Federation)
FIRFiscal Impact Report (various locations)
FIRFlight Information Region (aircraft)
FIRFilms in Review (publication)
FIRField Inspection Report (various locations)
FIRFairyland in Reality (band; Taiwan)
FIRFonds d'Intervention Régional (French: Regional Intervention Fund)
FIRForum pour l'Investissement Responsable (French: Forum for Responsible Investment)
FIRFinancial Information Reporting
FIRFast Infra Red
FIRFar Infra Red
FIRFédération Internationale du Recyclage (French: International Federation of Recycling; Netherlands)
FIRForschungsinstitut für Rationalisierung (German Institute for Operations Management)
FIRFahrner Image Replacement (CSS method for replacing text with an image)
FIRFirefly Books
FIRFrance Initiative Réseau (French: France Initiative Network)
FIRFlood Insurance Report (US FEMA)
FIRFédération Internationale de Relaxologie (French: International Federation of Relaxology)
FIRFonds Institutionnel de la Recherche (French: Institutional Research Fund; Canada)
FIRFish Inspection Regulations (Canada)
FIRField Inspection Review
FIRFully Indexed Rate
FIRFirst Investigation Report
FIRFournitures Industrielles du Rhône (French: Rhone Industrial Supplies; Rhone, France)
FIRFinal Inspection Report
FIRField Investigation Report
FIRFairways in Regulation (golf)
FIRFinite-duration Impulse Response
FIRField Contact Report
FIRFluids Integrated Rack
FIRFirst Impression Report
FIRFull Indicator Reading
FIRField Intelligence Report
FIRFlying Insects and Robots
FIRFlight Incident Recorder
FIRFound Iron Rod
FIRFacility Inspection Report
FIRFull Inspection Report
FIRFinancial Inventory Report
FIRFederal Industry and Research (type of grant)
FIRFault Isolation Resolution
FIRFailure Insensitive Routing
FIRFlight Information Report
FIRFlow Induced Resonance (underwater acoustics)
FIRFinal Inspection Record
FIRFar Infrasound
FIRFrequency Induced Resonance
FIRFuture Issue Requirement
FIRFunctional Item Repair/Replacement
FIRField Incident Rate
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Reflecting on the paucity of supportive data, in this very difficult experimental region of the far infrared, it seems that much more needs to be learned about the emissions due to hydrogen bonds in nature.
The Japanese-made model produces biogentic far infrared rays - invisible to the naked eye - which penetrate body tissue.
Because it uses far infrared, it is capable of obtaining a viable image without the use of a light source, as is required by 'near infrared' cameras and is capable of determining whether an object is a pedestrian or not.
Our experimental system measures the transmission of polarized far infrared radiation.
What makes it superior and more advanced its 'Far infrared' system, a biocompatible emission that penetrates up to 4cm beneath the skin.
Clearly cognizant of technology investment planning, the contributors of these 12 essays nevertheless describe their biggest and most ambitious ideas, from the Solar Polar Imager to the Titan Explorer (for Saturn's moon Titan), Neptune Orbiter (probing and landing on Neptune) a nuclear-powered interstellar probe that will leave the heliosphere, the Stellar Imager (stars), the Modern Universe Space Telescope, the single aperture far infrared observatory, a kilometer-baseline far-infrared/submillimeter interferometer in space, the Generation-X vision mission, and the advanced Compton Telescope mission.
Each of the detoxers combined drinking the juices and water with a 15-minute session every day at the Vibrogym and two half-hour sessions in the Far Infrared Sauna during the week.
Used from the UV to the far infrared, density neutrality can be achieved for narrow band applications, such as lasers, to wide band applications, such as the spectrum of white light.
Two bonnet-mounted cameras obtain a visual image based on the "far infrared" radiation emitted by humans and other objects.
The TPI spectra 1000 pulsed time domain THz-spectrometer encompasses frequencies from 100 GHz up to approximately 3 THz, a region between microwaves and very far infrared light.
The expansion of the universe then shifts that light to the far infrared, where ISO detects it.
Based on spectrum, market is further segmented into 3 types such as Near Infrared spectroscopy, far infrared spectroscopy and medium infrared spectroscopy.