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FFPFresh Frozen Plasma
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FFPFar-Field Pattern
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By following the mentioned steps one can estimate the maximum and the mean uncertainty in the transformed far-field pattern.
One is the compact antenna test range (CATR) [3] in which the far-field pattern is measured directly without the requirement of computational manipulation.
Note that by combining (2), (3), and the asymptotic behavior of the Hankel function, the far-field pattern F([[?
cr] are the co-polar and cross-polar components of the far-field pattern, respectively:
2]/[Lambda] synthesized pattern data were processed using the DFT and modified inverse algorithms to remove the effect of the finite range and plotted against the far-field pattern for comparison, as shown in Figure 6.
0, several significant new features have been added to both the basic analysis package and the optional far-field pattern computation and visualization module.
Figure 3 shows the far-field patterns of the six-element array wrapped around a five-inch-diameter cylinder.
The far-field pattern results show that the antenna bandwidths at 23.
Since the zone plate consists of a series of concentric annuli, the far-field pattern of the entire plate may be obtained by superimposing the contributions from the individual annuli or zones.
The pattern of the near-field probe is measured in amplitude, phase and polarization, and used to compensate the calculated far-field pattern and gain of the antenna under test.