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FMLNFarabundo Marti National Liberation Front
FMLNNational Liberation Party (El Salvador)
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The right has had a history of threatening to bring charges against former Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front leaders if the amnesty law were voided.
I was in San Salvador's Plaza Civica on February 1, 1992, when 30,000 Salvadorans celebrated the first day of the ceasefire between the government and the FMLN (the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front).
The best examples include the FMLN insurgency in El Salvador (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front); the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, now the principal opposition and poised for a comeback in the country's late 2001 presidential elections; and the URNG in Guatemala (National Guatemalan Revolutionary Unity), which since the 1996 peace process has transformed itself (like the FMLN and Sandinistas) into a political party operating more or less in the open.
On March 16 in El Salvador, the former leftist guerrillas of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (F.M.L.N.) scored unprecedented victories at the polls in municipal and legislative races, reversing nearly a decade of political dominance by the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) party.
The plotters hoped to pin the blame on the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), but the intrigue failed.
Earlier this year, Rosenthal's little paper celebrated its fifteenth anniversary, about the time another event was making far bigger headlines around the world: the signing of the Chapultepec accords in Mexico that brought an end to the long, bloody civil war between the Salvadoran government and Marxist guerrillas fighting under the red banner of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN).
In the process of meeting the demands of the internal war, the Guatemalan military has undoubtedly become an extremely efficient machine for irregular warfare, but the same factors that give it that quality also make it inadequate for confrontations with regular military forces, such as the Sandinista army or even the battalions of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front in El Salvador.
Mauricio Funes (2009-2014), of the Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberacion Nacional (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, FMLN), was charged on Feb.
In El Salvador, the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front signed peace in 1992 and became a political party.
Funes' Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) party was founded by guerrillas who waged a war from 1980 to 1992 against ARENA, which enjoyed U.S.
The main opposition Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, a former rebel group, voted against the deal signed in May between the U.S., Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua.
Romero was "a pastor who fought for justice, freedom, democracy, and peace," said a recognition approved by a majority of the 84 representatives in congress after intense negotiation between the former guerrilla group, the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, now a political party, and deputies of the governing ARENA party.