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FFESFirst Flight Elementary School (Kill Devil Hills, NC)
FFESFreehand Formula Entry System (software)
FFESFédération Française des Enseignants du Ski (French: French Federation of Ski Teachers)
FFESFarm Family Exposure Study (pesticide research)
FFESFossil Free Energy Scenario (Stockholm Environmental Institute for Greenpeace; alternative energy proposal; est. 1993)
FFESFood and Farming Education Service (UK)
FFESFilm-Free Efficiency Systems (radiology)
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In the Iowa farm family exposure study (Curwin et al.
For example, in the Farm Family Exposure Study, spouses who were present at some time while their husbands applied 2,4-D (Alexander et al.
(2007) reported urinary 2,4-D data from the Farm Family Exposure Study. Participants in the study included 34 farmers in Minnesota and South Carolina who were licensed applicators and their spouses and children (n = 53) living on the farm property.
To better characterize exposure from herbicide use, we present biomonitoring results from the Farm Family Exposure Study (FFES) evaluating 2,4-D exposure in farm family members following a single application as part of usual farm practice.
Farm family exposure study methods and recruitment practices for a biomonitoring study of pesticide exposure.
(2004) reported glyphosate exposure analyses from the Farm Family Exposure Study (FFES) using biomonitoring.
In our article on glyphosate in the Farm Family Exposure Study (FFES) (Acquavella et al.
The Farm Family Exposure Study was funded by a contract between the FFES Industry Taskforce and the University of Minnesota; B.A.
Measuring agreement of pesticide metabolite levels in first morning void samples versus 24-hr urine samples from applicators and children in the Farm Family Exposure Study. J Expo Science Environ Epidemiol.
Glyphosate biomonitoring for farmer-applicators and their families: results from the Farm Family Exposure Study. Environ Health Perspect 112:321-320.
As part of the Farm Family Exposure Study, we evaluated urinary glyphosate concentrations for 48 farmers, their spouses, and their 79 children (4-18 years of age).
Farm Family Exposure Study. Washington, DC:Farm Family Exposure Study Task Force.
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