Farm1Foot Activator Responsive Matrix Metalloprotease
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The results show, concentration of nutrients in outlet were more than inlet of farms and there are significant different between concentration of nutrients in Twelve-stations (p<0.05), also one way ANOVA(LSD Test) revealed significant different between farm 6(downstream) and upstream farms (farm1,2,3,4 th for nitrite and ammonium, farm 1,2th for nitrate)(p<0.05), where there are the most number of rainbow trout farms (7farms), Although the distance between farm 7th and farm 6th was 7.9 km but excretion of farms affect on concentration of nutrients.
They farm1,000 acres and their herd, developed into two units of 300 cows, is one of the best in Britain and among the highest classified herds in the breed, visited by producers and agricultural students from across the UK
D/D is hog density/distance, the number of hogs in the nearest hog farm1 divided by linear distance from the house measured in feet (swine/linear ft.).