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[40] reported that farmyard manure combined with chemical fertilizer management resulted in higher increases in maize yield, soil organic matter, available N and available P compared with those found under straw manure combined with chemical fertilizer management.
The vermicompost was produced mainly from farmyard manure and provided by a local company, and farmyard manure was obtained from the dairy farm belonging to the Faculty of Agriculture at Akdeniz University.
In view of the foregoing considerations, the present study was undertaken to examine the N mineralization patterns of farmyard manure (FYM), dhaincha green manure (DH) and mungbean residue (MBR) for which period is the best for their nutrient release as well as ultimate supplement the nutrient needs of a crop.
secondary amides and aromatic groups are absent in shop manure as compared to organic compost and rotten farmyard manure. It is also important to note that shop manure decreased the soil contamination but in only As5SM1 treatment combination, where arsenic was added at dose of 5 mg/L and soil was amended with 1 g/kg of shop manure.
Unfortunately Pakistani farmers can't pay attention to the farmyard manure (FMY) a big natural source of organic matter in soil; handling of FMY manure especially of animal dung is very poor.
Effects of farmyard manure and fertilizers on yield, fibre quality and nutrient balance of rainfed cotton (Gossypium hirsutum).
This also exhibited that garden soil and farmyard manure contributed to the Mn release in the samples (Fig.
The cost of farmyard manure, conventional compost, and vermicompost was estimated by considering preparation, application, and its price costs 20, 40, and 30EB x [kh.sup.-1].
The farmers incorporated around 3 to 5 tonnes of farmyard manure per hectare of cultivated land, according to some survey reports.
Tenders invited for supply of well decomposed farmyard manure (free from extraneous material like thermocol, plastic, sand etc)
The treatments were: control (T1, no manure), departmental recommendation 128+114+62 NPK Kg ha-1 (T2), farmyard manure @ 10 tons ha-1 at time of seed bed preparation (T3), poultry manure @ 6 tons ha-1 + 128-114-62 Kg ha-1 NPK (T4).
Effect of three irrigation schedules (4-6 irrigations) and seven integrated plant nutrition levels (control, 125-60-62 kg N-P2O5- K2O ha-1, 125-60-62 kg N-P2O5--K2O ha-1 + Farmyard manure @ 10 t ha-1, 125-60-62 kg N-P2O5--K2O ha-1 + Farm yard manure @ 15 t ha-1, 250-120-125 kg N-P2O5--K2O ha-1, 250-120-125 kg N-P2O5--K2O ha-1 + Farmyard manure @ 10 t ha-1 and 250-120-125 kg N-P2O5--K2O ha-1 + Farmyard manure @ 15 t ha-1) on grain yield and its components in maize were studied during 2009 and 2010.