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Under both these scenarios, the model shows the impact would have thrown up vast amounts of material that would fall back on the Moon's surface, burying the primordial crust on the farside in 3 to 6 miles (5 to 10 kilometers) of debris.
Bob Bain, the host of the Farside Paranormal Podcast, interviews known & unknown names in the paranormal niche about the UFO phenomena, Aliens, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Reincarnation, and more.
Since it is a registry-based analysis, information regarding precrash speed, number of turns, intensity of the impact, vehicle damage especially roof intrusion in relation to survival space, single or multivehicle event, type of rollover initiation, vehicle design, and farside and nearside impact are not available.
Such an orbit would place a three-person Orion crew in a prime location to get a bird's eye view of the lunar farside and have direct line-of-sight communications with Earth.
One day, in a slow-motion collision, the moonlet smacked into the moon's farside. Because the splat happened slowly, it didn't produce a crater.
Based on stories and characters that author Daniel Joseph Farside created to tell his son Alex while he was growing up, The Adventures of One Feather is a set of children's chapter books with simple black-and-white illustrations, following the exploits of young One Feather of the fictional Kattywampas Native American tribe in the Valley of Endless Breath.
A novel written in the spirit of Orwell's classic 1984, If Frogs Had Wings by Daniel Joseph Farside is the story of an ordinary weatherman befuddled by odd cloud formations colloquially called "chemtrails".
A desert romance Farside Africa is a tiny, TTAbonded travel firm based in Edinburgh which specialises in tailormade trips to Africa.
Jason Mishima-Cook could not help but smile at the coincidence: the first day of his visit to Farside Observatory fell precisely on his 30th birthday.