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FASSFaculty of Arts and Social Sciences (National University of Singapore)
FASSFestival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur (French: Saint-Sauveur Arts Festival; Canada)
FASSFederation of Animal Science Societies
FASSFinancial Assessment Subsystem (US HUD)
FASSFédération Algérienne du Sport Scolaire (French: Algerian Federation of School Sport; Algeria)
FASSFonds d'Action Sanitaire et Sociale (French: Health and Social Fund)
FASSFlorida Agricultural Statistics Service
FASSFinancial Acquisition Support Services (USAF & General Services Administration contract vehicle)
FASSFreien Akademischen Sportvereins Siegmundshof (German)
FASSFisheries and Aquatic Sciences Society
FASSFire Atmosphere Sampling System
FASSForeign Affairs Sous-Sherpa (G7/G8 process)
FASSFixed Aircrew Seat Standardization
FASSFunctional Area Subsystem
FASSFOC Autonomous Safing Sequence
FASSFiles Automation Scanning System
FASSFire & Air Support Section
FASSFixed Air Sampling System
FASSFrequency Agile Signal Simulation
FASSFunctional Area Segment Specification
FASSForward Area Sensor System
FASSForward Area Support System
FASSFundação Atlântico de Seguridade Social (private supplementary pension entity; Brazil)
FASSFirst Article Sample Submission
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For Vom Fass stockists, call 0870 750 0962 or visit vomfassuk.
Women themselves differed on this issue, so many FASS also split, allying themselves with the more egalitarian AAS or the more conservative American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society.
Vom FASS sells vinegars, oils, wines, liqueurs and spirits from casks.
Fass takes the place of Ray Barrette, who has retired from his management positions within the company and also has left its board of directors.
Vom Fass sells wine, spirits and liqueurs directly from the cask as well as a range of oils and vinegars.
Of 15,314 individuals older than 40 years who responded to a question about nighttime heartburn on a survey, 25% reported heartburn that awakened them two or more times per month, reported Ronnie Fass, M.
It is a stunning number," says gastroenterologist Ronnie Fass of the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System in Tucson, who led the study.
The voice-over narration consists of interviews by WBAI radio personality Bob Fass, who asks passersby what they make of this scene; in a possible homage to Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin's soon-to-be classic ethnographic film, Chronique d'un ete (Chronicle of a Summer; 1961), Fass also inquires, "Are you happy?
Many individuals have outsourced their old jobs here to Israel - staying up late and connecting to their old offices, doing the same work, from here," Fass said.
Hospital cost-based organ acquisition programs require special scrutiny by cost report preparers to ensure appropriate reimbursement claims are made, write Joseph Fass, President of Price, Fass & Co, LLC, a California-based intermediary with over 25 years of cost reporting and appeal experience.
P VOM FASS has an unusual line in selected wines, exclusive liqueurs made to its own secret recipes, and a wide choice of spirits from the cask.