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FBBFolding Box Board (various companies)
FBBFemale Body Builder
FBBFiber Broadband Building
FBBFantasy Baseball
FBBFamily Building Blocks (Salem, OR)
FBBFusion Bodybuilding (supplements)
FBBFreshman Boys Basketball (Wisconsin)
FBBFoundation Beyond Belief (Alpharetta, GA)
FBBFixed Broadband (Internet connection)
FBBFast Back-To-Back (Cisco)
FBBFédération Belge de la Brique (French: Belgian Brick Federation; Belgium)
FBBFleet Broad Band (telecommunications; various companies)
FBBForward-Body Bias
FBBFrom Backplane Buffer (Cisco)
FBBFoulayronnes Basket Ball (France)
FBBFury Balrog Blade (gaming)
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The band even found time to pay tribute to the late Pete Seeger, with slow and fast back-to-back versions of If I had a Hammer.