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FSBEFast SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Buffered Ethernet
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If you are using Fast SCSI (5MB/sec to 10MB/sec maximum for narrow), one repeater can double the bus to a maximum total of 20 feet.
The active terminator is required for the higher single-ended speeds such as Fast SCSI and Ultra SCSI.
I say "theoretically" because, to get this many devices on the bus, you would have to slow the signal down from 40MB/sec to just "Fast SCSI" mode at 20MB/sec.
Many systems need to have multiple generations of SCSI attached, some examples are Wide Ultra and Fast Wide SCSI high speed disks operating with CD-ROMs, CD-R, CD-RW, tape drives, removable media, and scanners that are Fast SCSI. This is the same electrical interface with different bus widths and performance levels operating on the same physical bus.
SCSI-2 or "Fast SCSI" achieved 10MB/sec transfer rate with wider data paths of 16 and 32-bits, rising up to 20MB/sec and even 40MB/sec.