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FTRTFaster Than Real Time (software)
FTRTFlow Through Rapid Test (trademark of Euro-Diagnostica)
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The RTM solution's automated measurement process reportedly tests HD and SD video faster than real time to accelerate the test time per file of both long- and short-form programming, then presents results and errors for review, the company claims.
- Faster than real time transcoding for stored content
This content is stored on the Nexio shared storage system and is immediately available for play-to air as soon as the conform process begins - enabling a highly efficient news workflow and the creation of broadcast-ready content faster than real time.
Pre-processing or indexing of content is typically 60-80 times faster than real time, more than an order of magnitude faster than Large Vocabulary Conversational Speech Recognition (LVCSR) speech-to-text systems.
The results showed that the implementation is adequate for faster than real time data acquisition using a fast storage media.
Dynamic simulation is expected to run much faster than real time, so a skilled operator can anticipate developing problems in the grid.
STT systems can pre-process audio data (create a searchable index) at two to three times faster than real time (the time it would take to play the audio at normal speed).
The new AM-NX9 enables users to download music directly from a PC 32 times faster than real time.
At the heart of its technology are algorithms, which mathematically optimize network resources, delivering data to client-side buffers faster than real time, packing costly data pipes as efficiently as possible.
Specimen analysis proceeds 'faster than real time' compared to other systems."
For larger playout centres, you could run multiple instances of this solution in a processor farm, outputting faster than real time, so costs are saved, too.
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