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FM%Fat Mass Percentage
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Although BMI correlates well with fat mass percentage (FM%) [5] it gives only a fair estimate of FM% [5], and individuals with large muscle mass maybe misclassified as overweight or obese [7].
TABLE 1: Anthropometry- and bioimpedance-analysis- (BIA-) based estimates of fat mass percentage (FM%) and their respective bias versus DXA measurements.
Body mass and body composition measurements taken with the use of the electronic scale "Tanita" are as follows: total body mass (kg), fat free mass (FFM, kg), fat mass (kg), fat mass percentage (% FM), body mass index (BMI = body mass (kg) x body height [([m.sup.2]).sup.-1]), tissue impedance (Ohm), total body water (TBW, kg), and basal metabolic rate (BMR, kJ or kcal).
There were five significant main effects of training: for body mass, [F.sub.(1,199)] = 30.7, P < 0.0001, for BMI, [F.sub.(1,199)] = 26.3, P = 0.000001, for BMR, [F.sub.(1,199)] = 29.9, P < 0.0001, for fat mass percentage, F(1,199) = 32.5, P < 0.0001, and for fat mass, [F.sub.(1,199)] = 44.5, P < 0.0001.