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FOTLFear of the Lord (Christian expression)
FOTLFocus on Teaching and Learning (Loyola University Chicago; Chicago, IL)
FOTLFruit of the Loom (clothing company)
FOTLFeet of the Lynx (gaming)
FOTLFuture of the Left (Welsh Band)
FOTLFriends of the Library
FOTLFat Of The Land (Prodigy music album)
FOTLForms of Old Testament Literature
FOTLfield operations team leader
FOTLFollow On To Lance (Missile System)
FOTLFirestarters of the Land (gaming clan)
FOTLFlat on Top Left (configuration)
FOTLFirst Over the Line
FOTLFriends of the Lake, Inc. (Bridgewater, CT; est. 2003)
FOTLFreeman on the Land
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'The Fat of the Land' went on to sell 10 million copies, boosted by subsequent singles Breathe and the controversy-generating Smack.
An album track from Fat of the Land, this ranks as one of Flint's best vocal performances as he invites you to succumb to the "serial thrilla, serious killa".
"I hate most of those who invaded our country, took off the fat of the land and subjugated us for many years.
There exist several other 'dinosaurs' that are living off the fat of the land. Among these must be counted all the Regulatory Authorities that have sprouted like (poisonous?) mushrooms after the rains.
In A Time Lapse by Ludovico Einaudi is an album getting a lot of play also and Prodigy's Fat Of The Land, is never far from my speakers.
The graphic design graduate and self-confessed perfectionist was formally art director at XL Recordings and the brains behind the Prodigy's Fat of the Land album cover, released in 1997 and after working with several London branding agencies and huge clients like Radio 1, O2 and Sainsbury's, Alex set up his own digital print business in Cardiff in 2004.
Not all oaks are created equal; and speaking of living off the fat of the land, their acorns range in fat content from 1.1 percent to 31.3 percent, protein 2.3 percent to 8.6 percent, and carbs 32.7 percent to 89.7 percent (Bainbridge 1986, UCLA).
TFM also hailed a statement attributed to Duterte that the incoming President would follow the pattern of socialism and he is angry at the oligarchs because they get the fat of the land.
render burnt offerings and eat off the fat of the land;
It covers the fat of the land: cooking without limits, and lean cuisine: cooking for Lent.
Deftly organized by academician and historian Tomasso Astarita into two major sections (The Fat of the Land: Cooking Without Limits; Lean Cuisine: Cooking for Lent), "The Italian Baroque Table" is enhanced with the inclusion of an informative introduction (Antonio Latini and Italian Cooking); numerous illustrations, a ten page listing of Works Cited; an eight page Index of Ingredients; and an eighteen page Index of Names and Places, "The Italian Baroque Table" is a masterpiece of original and seminal scholarship that is enthusiastically recommended for community and academic library 17th Italian History reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists.
Breathe came from the album Fat of the Land - something the Tories have been living off for some time now.