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FOTLFear of the Lord (Christian expression)
FOTLFocus on Teaching and Learning (Loyola University Chicago; Chicago, IL)
FOTLFruit of the Loom (clothing company)
FOTLFeet of the Lynx (gaming)
FOTLFuture of the Left (Welsh Band)
FOTLFriends of the Library
FOTLFat Of The Land (Prodigy music album)
FOTLForms of Old Testament Literature
FOTLfield operations team leader
FOTLFollow On To Lance (Missile System)
FOTLFirestarters of the Land (gaming clan)
FOTLFlat on Top Left (configuration)
FOTLFirst Over the Line
FOTLFriends of the Lake, Inc. (Bridgewater, CT; est. 2003)
FOTLFreeman on the Land
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We have a royal family living off the fat of the land who do little but increase in number, whilst the aged and unemployed are begrudged every penny we get.
He wants to live off the fat of the land and the philosophy of a success guru called Johnny Wu convinces him that all the glittering things of life can be his.
However, when I picked up the April, 18, 2011 Life & Health issue, I notice the article, "The Fat of the Land.
I imagine he's already dreaming of settling down on his beautiful Punjab plot and living off the fat of the land.
27] will eat the fat of the land [finest produce of the earth] and bow down [to praise and thank God].
THE FAT OF THE LAND How the calorie increases stack up in England, Scotland and Wales.
It's about time the people who are handing out these benefits wake up and smell the coffee; some of the so-called disabled are living on the fat of the land.
Listening to tracks from their Fat of the Land album, like Breathe and Firestarter, took me back to my teenage years when The Prodigy were at the top of their game.
Interesting fact: The Prodigy's next album, Invaders Must Die, will be the first time since Fat of the Land that all three band members have featured on one of their LPs.
Last week's two-hour finale of "The Biggest Loser" gave NBC its biggest Tuesday night in four years--but the Peacock isn't the only one living off the fat of the land.
According to columnist Michael Fumento, author of The Fat of the Land and not a man given to attacking corporate misdeeds, kids watch an average of 40,000 commercials a year, roughly half of which are food ads.
Since Fat Of The Land was released in 1997, fear has become the order of the day for Essex's finest electro-punk rockers, with a much dirtier sound.