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FFMFinance and Financial Markets
FFMFat-Free Mass (muscle)
FFMFinal Fantasy Movie
FFMFact-Finding Mission (various organizations)
FFMFederally-Facilitated Marketplace (Medicaid)
FFMFixed Frequency Modem
FFMFiber Fddi Module
FFMForms and Font Manager
FFMFédération Française de Motocyclisme (French: French Motorcycling Federation)
FFMFive Factor Model (personality traits)
FFMFemale Female Male
FFMFull Face Mask (diving)
FFMFédération Française des Matériaux (French: French Federation of Materials)
FFMField Force Management (software)
FFMFédération Française Médiévale (French: Medieval French Federation)
FFMFédération Française Motonautique (French: French Powerboating Federation)
FFMFluid Flow Model (computer engineering)
FFMFederal Financial Management
FFMFun Fragging Maniacs (gaming clan)
FFMFull Field Model (oil industry)
FFMFine Fuel Moisture
FFMFormation for Ministry (religion)
FFMFundus Flavimaculatus
FFMFuture of Family Medicine Project (American Academy of Family Physicians)
FFMFrequent Flyer Mile(s)
FFMFergus Falls, MN, USA - Fergus Falls Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
FFMFloradale Feed Mill Ltd (Floradale, ON, Canada)
FFMForms and Font Manager (software)
FFMFar Field Monitor
FFMFlicker Frequency Modulation (ANSI)
FFMFree for Mix (gaming)
FFMFunctional Fault Model
FFMFédération France Monocycliste (French: France Unicyclist Federation)
FFMFondo para la Foca del Mediterráneo (Spanish)
FFMFloating Fat Man (Israeli band)
FFMFuel Flow Monitor
FFMFreight and Fleet Management
FFMFood for Medicine
FFMFinite Field Method
FFMFatigue-Failure Model
FFMFuel Failure Monitor
FFMFuel Fabrication Modification
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Comparitive evaluation of body composition methods and predictions, and calculation of density and hydration fraction of fat-free mass, in obese women.
* By relating anthropometry, bio-electrical impedance and bio-electrical impedance with anthropometry to dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, this study has increased the accuracy of estimates of fat-free mass in individuals over the age of 75 years.
The body fat and fat-free mass of the players were predicted using a 4-point bioelectric impedance analysis (Bodystat, QuadScan 4000, Douglas, United Kingdom) in supine position under laboratory conditions.
Fat-free mass in overweight and obese older women: Analysis of concurrent validity of bioelectrical impedance equations.
There is however a lack of data concerning the composition of the body weight lost (fat mass or fat-free mass) induced via plant-based diets.
The results of our study confirm previous findings that severe growth hormone deficiency is associated with an increase in fat tissue, decrease in fat-free mass, predicted muscle mass, and total body water.
Fat-free mass also changed over time and improved significantly after 8 weeks of resistance training (p < 0.001).
Secondary efficacy outcomes included changes in body composition (waist/hip circumference, body fat, and fat-free mass), hunger and fullness, and fasting lipids and blood glucose parameters.
Body weight is not a suitable measure for assessing ideal body composition related fitness because an increase in weight due to an increase in fat-free mass (FFM) can be misinterpreted as an increase in body fatness.
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate body composition parameters, including fat-free mass (FFM), appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASMM), relative skeletal muscle mass (RSM) index, body cell mass (BCM), BCM index, total body potassium (TBK), fat mass, percentage fat mass (FM), and their differences between age groups and to evaluate the frequency of sarcopenia in healthy older subjects.
Changes in body composition and sprint performance Weight Fat FFM Totam SMM 100-m time kg % kg kg sec 1998, Nov 52.0 16.8 43.3 17.0 11.54 1999, Dec 52.3 16.1 43.9 18.3 11.73 2000, Apr 52.8 16.3 44.2 18.5 11.56 Dec 50.4 15.4 42.6 16.9 11.52 2001, Mar 53.5 15.6 45.2 19.5 11.56 Dec 52.6 16.4 44.0 18.8 11.77 2002, Jun 51.4 15.6 43.4 18.8 11.61 Dec 54.6 16.3 45.7 17.9 11.67 2003, Mar 53.1 15.6 44.8 20.0 11.45 Dec 54.3 17.5 44.8 17.5 11.71 2004, Apr 52.3 14.7 44.6 17.8 11.39 Mean 52.7 16.0 44.2 18.3 11.59 SD 1.2 0.8 0.9 1.0 0.12 Abbreviations: FFM, fat-free mass; SMM, skeletal muscle mass.
The weights, the total body index, the basal metabolic rate, the rate of body fat, the fat mass, the fat-free mass, total body water rates of the students were evaluated with the Analyses of Bioelectric Impedance and in measuring the waist-hip rates lineal meter were used.