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FLAPFatal Light Awareness Program (Canada)
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In Toronto, the Fatal Light Awareness Program educates building owners on how to reduce such deaths by darkening buildings during the height of migratory seasons.
The second is knowing that Bogard will donate all his royalties to the International Dark-Sky Association (www.darksky.org) and to the Fatal Light Awareness Program (www.flap.org).
* www.flop.org The Fatal Light Awareness Program has information on how you can protect birds from the dangers of light pollution.
With groups like the Fatal Light Awareness Program drawing attention to the problem and further research in the works, the night skies may become safer for the Western Hemisphere's migrants.
"Birds that are injured or dead will be scavenged a majority of the time," says Michael Mesure, program director for the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP), a Toronto-based group formed in 1993 to document and raise awareness about the bird and window-strike phenomenon.
An organization called FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program) is working together with the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness of this danger to birds, especially endangered species.
www.flap.org/home2.htm The Fatal Light Awareness Program works to reduce after-hours lighting in office buildings as a way of reducing migratory birds collisions.