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The National Fatherhood Initiative said the award recognises American for its television commercial entitled "Global Scope", which depicts a father using his AAdvantage miles to take his young daughter with him to London for a business meeting.
Ken Gosnell is director of corrections programming for the National Fatherhood Initiative and can be reached at
According to the National Fatherhood Initiative (1997), which tracks a variety of programs, "one of the primary goals of the fatherhood movement is to remind us that the most important thing that fathers invest in their children is not their money, but their time".
"Many men can't afford to take paternity leave," says Wade Horn, president of the National Fatherhood Initiative, a Maryland-based organization focused on promoting responsible fatherhood.
Some 34 percent of American children, about 24 million, live in homes without their biological fathers, according to the National Fatherhood Initiative. The group reports that, on average, such children are at least two to three times more likely to be poor; use illegal drugs; experience emotional, behavioral, health, and educational problems; become victims of child abuse; and take part in criminal activity than children living with their married parents, either biological or adoptive.
Over the years, the program has swollen to include many students it was not designed to serve, according to Horn, a clinical child psychologist who heads the National Fatherhood Initiative, and Tynan, a pediatric psychologist at the A.I.
Most recently, Bush nominated Wade Horn, president of the National Fatherhood Initiative and a leading voice of the "fatherhood" movement, to be assistant secretary for family support at the Department of Health and Human Services--where he'll be well positioned to put into practice his ideas about spending welfare dollars on programs aimed at boosting marriage rates.
This commercial, which ran during the Late Show with David Letterman on September 7, is part of a national campaign produced by the Ad Council for the National Fatherhood Initiative.
Back then Wade Horn of the National Fatherhood Initiative, who sat two seats over today, had asked him, "Why are you so in favor of cohabitation?"
Recent social movements including Promise Keepers and the Fatherhood Initiative (Blankenhorn, 1995; Promise Keepers, 1995) have begun to re-emphasize the role of fathers in contributing moral leadership to families.
"He is a man of principle," says Wade Horn, head of the National Fatherhood Initiative. Other observers credit more pedestrian factors: Bauer's assembling a crack staff of policy analysts, his ability to target issues to generate buzz (China, the per-child tax credit, partial-birth abortion), FRC's effective use of direct mail, the meticulousness of its policy papers -- and a healthy dose of old-fashioned hard work.
The National Fatherhood Initiative in particular advocates the promotion of marriage as a means of promoting fatherhood.