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FATIFirst American Title Insurance (real estate)
FATIFree Air Temperature Increase (global warming research)
FATIFlorida Association of Teachers of Italian
FATIFonds d'Aide à la Traduction et à l'Interprétation (French: Translation and Interpretation Assistance Fund)
FATIForeign Affairs Training Institute
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Fati Asibelua is an incredible talent, yet she is also modest.
Nempe qui ut necessitatem fati aduersus Stoicos negaret, incidit in aliam amentiam, ut diceret, deum non esse prescium omnium futurorum.
Hester's embracing of her fate, or her amor fati, resonates through her later comments and actions.
Este ultimo es uno de los aspectos de la moral dionisiaca que afirma lo presente, vive lo que el azar le depara, aceptandolo mediante el amor fati y se expresa en el "?
e flamma atque ferro | ac paene ex faucibus fati | ereptam.
Like a manic-depressive teen, the book veers between dour sociological diagnoses of twenty-something disenfranchisement and high-spirited amor fati of downward mobility--e.
C'est avec son nouveau spectacle, [beaucoup moins que]Hanane Show[beaucoup plus grand que], qu'elle a emerveille le public le temps d'une soiree pleine d'emotions, parfois dejantee avec le personnage d'une Fati Fashion a l'image des fashionistas a la recherche de notoriete et de paillettes, parfois serieux et pathetiques a en rire avec les personnages defilant au commissariat, et parfois melancoliques et touchants avec les personnages tombant dans le ridicule sans le savoir, pour forcer un destin sans espoir ni ambition.
Fati Iseni, mayor of the municipality of Studenicani, said that they must secure 28,000 euro for the expenses for the two election cycles.
As chaos descended on the streets of Cairo and tourists fled to the airport, Captain Ehab Mohammed Fati laid down his weapons and walked out of his barracks to join the people on the streets trying to end President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule.
In the Islamic Calligraphy, the first position in the juniors category went to Raveesh Ahmed - Grade VI of Dauha Al-Uloom International School - Boys; second position went to Nusaiba Fati - Grade VI of Al-Wurood International School - Girls; and third position went to Jawad -Grade VI of Dauha Al Uloom International School - Boys.
Focusing on Nietzsche's madman parable from The Gay Science, this essay shows how the language/imagery of aphorism 125 draws on a Cynical critique of morality that has far-reaching consequences for understanding Nietzsche's notions of nihilism, transvaluation of values, and amor fati.