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All replica tests were conducted on MTS 809 type axial tension and torsion fatigue testing machine following ASTM E647-11 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Fatigue Crack Growth Rates.
Crack "closure" or "shielding" may also influence the fatigue crack growth rate in hydrogen, compared to nitrogen, which in turn will influence the results in Fig.
3] may be used to correlate fatigue crack growth rate data for other materials and thicknesses, under constant amplitude loading, once the proper constraint factor has been determined.
0] in the following calculation for the nucleation life N (cycles), which results in the best agreement between the observed points on the strain-life curve, and the strain-life curve computed (solid curve in bottom right of figure 2) from the fatigue crack growth rate curve r(T) measured in the crack growth experiment:
The results of our experiment on fatigue crack growth rate and analysis of FESEM and optical micrographs clearly indicate the effect of the testing medium.
1 to evaluate the effect of various frequencies on the fatigue crack growth rate of PVC-U and PVC-M.
As shown in figure 10, the carbon black loading and type have no significant effect on flexing fatigue crack growth rate in this study.
Cure rate + 300% modulus + Tear resistance - Dynamic ozone - Cured adhesion to carcass + Fatigue crack growth rate (15 and 30% strain) -
The log-log curves of the fatigue crack growth rate (da/dN) versus [Delta]K of the materials tested are presented in Fig.
For the same crack driving force, [Delta]K, the tensile fatigue crack growth rate is decreased four-fold for the thin specimens, as shown in Fig.