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5) reported an order of magnitude reduction in the fatigue crack propagation rate for an epoxy system with the addition of rt0.
Furthermore, the slightly lower fatigue crack propagation rate of PVC-M could also be due to the longer time required to break down the deformed process-zone regions because these regions were larger than in PVC-U (Figs.
The absence of craze fibrils gives a similar fatigue crack propagation rate in both materials at high stress intensity factors.
Fatigue crack propagation rate per cycle, da/dN, was computed using an incremental polynomial method that fits a second-order polynomial to sets of seven successive data points.
Fatigue crack propagation rates for each CAP composition are plotted vs.
The proposed theoretical model is applied using an inverse analysis of the experimental fatigue crack propagation rates available for the P355NL1 steel.
Figure 13 shows the fatigue crack propagation rates as a function of effective intensity range using the proposed method.
5 at fixed [Delta][Sigma], the fatigue crack propagation rates decreased by more than an order of magnitude.
It is clearly shown in this investigation that the thickness has a significant effect on the fatigue crack propagation rates under fully tensile loading.