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Secondly, several fatigue crack propagation tests were carried out for RC beams strengthened with CFL under high temperature and high humidity (50[degrees]C, 95% R * H) and indoor atmosphere (23[degrees]C, 78% R * H) to obtain fatigue crack propagation rate, da/dN.
Fatigue Crack Propagation Rate. Extensive experimental studies had shown that Paris-Erdogan law was also applicable to quasibrittle materials such as rock [34] and concrete [35] if the structure size was kept constant.
(5) reported an order of magnitude reduction in the fatigue crack propagation rate for an epoxy system with the addition of rt0.5 wt% CNTs.
Polak, "Fatigue crack propagation rate in EUROFER 97 estimated using small specimens," Key Engineering Materials, vol.
Furthermore, the slightly lower fatigue crack propagation rate of PVC-M could also be due to the longer time required to break down the deformed process-zone regions because these regions were larger than in PVC-U (Figs.
The results were provided in Figure 7(b), in which the experimental thresholds of fatigue crack propagation rate for 7XXX aluminum alloys obtained by some researchers [27-29] were also plotted for comparison.
Fatigue crack propagation rate per cycle, da/dN, was computed using an incremental polynomial method that fits a second-order polynomial to sets of seven successive data points.
introduced a novel parameter, da/dS, to define the fatigue crack propagation rate with the stress variation at any moment of a cycle [7].
An overall reduction in CCF life compared with pure LCF was possibly due to HCF effects on fatigue crack propagation rate. The fraction of life spent in propagating a fatigue crack would be reduced but remain significant due to the lower stress range associated with minor cycles, hence significantly reducing total fatigue life.
It is clearly shown in this investigation that the thickness has a significant effect on the fatigue crack propagation rates under fully tensile loading.
Fatigue Crack Propagation Rates. Fatigue crack growth rates of the P355NL1 pressure vessel steel were evaluated, for several stress ratios, using compact tension (CT) specimens, following the recommendations of the ASTM E647 standard [10].
The fatigue crack propagation rates of the material from old metallic bridges is also concern of this study.