FBHFerdinand Braun Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (Berlin)
FBHFull Body Harness (various companies)
FBHFlat Bottom Hole
FBHFire Baptized Holiness
FBHFederation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
FBHFederation of British Herpetologists (UK)
FBHFort Benjamin Harrison (Indiana)
FBHFireBatHero (Starcraft gaming)
FBHForum des Biohygiénistes (French: Biohygienist Forum)
FBHForce Beachhead
FBHFluorescent Biprobe Hybridization (assay)
FBHFederal Bureau of Hackers
FBHFull-Blooded Human
FBHfamilial benign hypercalcemia (aka Familial Hypocalciuric Hypercalcemia)
FBHFairly Big Hammer
FBHFuel Burning Heater (vehicles)
FBHFederation of Bounty Hunters (gaming clan)
FBHFront of Back Hash (marching band)
FBHFeline Butt Hobbits
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The PPIP data were analysed for the birthing units within the four subdistricts, including the hospitals (WFH, NSH, MMH, MPH, FBH) and the five MOUs (Gugulethu, Hanover Park, Vanguard, Mitchells Plain and Retreat).
At the core of any system is the fall-arrest system (FAS) and/or the full-body harness (FBH).
Description of the Collected Data Points Data Description Unit Point TMWS Mine-water loop supply temperature [degrees]F ([degrees]C) TMWR Mine-water loop return temperature [degrees]F ([degrees]C) FMW Mine-water loop flow rate gpm (L/s) THPS Heat pump loop supply temperature [degrees]F ([degrees]C) THPR Heat pump loop return temperature [degrees]F ([degrees]C) TBHS Building hot-water loop [degrees]F ([degrees]C) supply temperature TBHR Building hot-water loop [degrees]F ([degrees]C) return temperature FBH Building hot-water loop flow rate gpm (L/s) TOA Ambient air temperature [degrees]F ([degrees]C) Table 2.
Abdullah Mohd al-Marri (UAE) Sama Dubai FBH. 50.43 secs, QAR 22,500
He asked all archive workers to donate any older digitization equipment they may have to the archives of the FBH. He said the donations would be invaluable.
The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH), FBH Banking Agency and RS Banking Agency signed the guidelines for preparation of stress tests and use of prudential instruments in the CBBH, Federal Banking Agency and Banking Agency of RS at the meeting of Banking Supervision Coordination held on 19 March 2013.
`FBh "$ @f Q``B[P] hB 1/4JQ [P FBh Od[hR FFO=D `= `FD hF` [B`bD The angler taking the heaviest single fish between those dates will win a free trip for four rods, or four individual trips, for the 2014 season.
The basic privatization regulation in the fbh has been changed and amended ten times due to various conditions.
In 1978, Judge Henry Friendly promulgated the "fraud by hindsight" (FBH) doctrine, ruling that a complaint that does nothing more than allege fraud by hindsight will not pass muster.
Under these conditions, alphabet knowledge (F(1,113)=32.269) and group (F(3,113)=2.845, p<0.5) both predicted FBH spelling outcomes at statistically significant levels, while the effect of rhyming knowledge was statistically non-significant.
Only one case got transferred from FBH to hospital probably because people would likely, erroneously, see it as limiting the power of God in taking care of all situations.
The basic privatization regulation in the FBH has been changed and amended ten times to reflect various changing conditions.