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FBPFolate Binding Protein
FBPFructose Bisphosphate
FBPFiltered Back-Projection (algorithm)
FBPFiltered Back Projection
FBPFédération Belge des Podologues (French: Belgian Federation of Podiatrists)
FBPFood by Prescription (healthcare)
FBPFinal Boiling Point
FBPFederal Bureau of Prisons
FBPFédération Belge des Psychologues (French: Belgian Federation of Psychologists; Belgium)
FBPFrance Business Partner
FBPFédération Belge des Photographes (French: Belgian Federation of Photographers)
FBPFriends of the Border Patrol
FBPFracture Breakdown Pressure (geomechanics)
FBPFee Basis Provider (US DoD)
FBPFlexible Benefit Plan (insurance)
FBPFringe Benefit Pool (various organizations)
FBPFinal Bulk Product
FBPFleet Boat Pool (US Navy)
FBPFull Blood Picture
FBPFluid Bed Processor (materials processing)
FBPForeign Buyer Program
FBPFlamenco Black Pearl (Honda paint color)
FBPForeign Bills Purchased (banks)
FBPFactory Based Price
FBPFluid Balance Panel (medical tests)
FBPFires Behavior Prediction (forestry industry)
FBPFederal Business Practice(s)
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The report provides comprehensive information on the Folate Receptor Alpha (Adult Folate Binding Protein or Folate Receptor 1 or KB Cells FBP or Ovarian Tumor Associated Antigen MOv18 or FOLR1), targeted therapeutics, complete with analysis by indications, stage of development, mechanism of action (MoA), route of administration (RoA) and molecule type.
Composition of Matter patent covers FBP peptide variants for individual or expanded use in combination with the FBP vaccine, E39.
We will see that the applied FBP algorithms alter the structure of phase boundaries in such a way that boundary length measurements are substantially affected whereas the DIRECTT reconstructions preserve boundary structures in a much better way.
In this study, we revealed that PEN and FBP were completely miscible and alloys composed of PEN and FBP appeared as perfectly transparent at all compositions, and as a result, we could propose the new concept for "low-orientation-induced birefringence materials" by alloying with fluorene-based polyester characterized by a bulky "cardo" structure.
No examinare si se han dado argumentos para sostener que la validez de FBP implica alguna ventaja epistemologica, es decir, si hay alguna explicacion de que tengamos un conocimiento logico que no requiera conocimiento de objetos abstractos, de tal manera que podamos saber de algunas teorias que son consistentes y, si aceptamos ese principio, podriamos asi explicar nuestro conocimiento de objetos abstractos.
The structure, process and priorities of each organisation's approach varies, but all are focused on tackling the complexities and challenges of FBP.
It is less clear how the relative affinities for PGA and 5mTHF are affected, particularly by the method of FBP incorporation into assay reagents.
Amy, who now has over 50 FBP clients, quickly gained enough FBP clients to be coaching 3.
Their workshop is centered on their experience in caring for their beloved founder, Brother Michael Gaworski, FBP, over the past 12-1/2 years.
FBP members "encompass several generations, several management levels, seve ral levels of family-business involvement, varying degrees of educational achievement and many separate perspectives" (Aronoff & Cawley, 1990, p.
FBP are similar in some ways to cafeteria plans since both are concerned with employees buying fringe benefits, with them having choices as to which ones to buy.
Our first recommendation was that Mitsubishi's FBP 415 close pitch cast iron facemilling cutters in 4[inches] and 10[inches] diameters and our SE 300 facemilling cutter in 4[inches] diameter be used in place of current tooling.