FCGRFatigue Crack Growth Rate
FcGRImmunoglobulin G Fc Receptor II
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The FCGR were determined over stress intensity ranges between 20 MPa [m.
The FCGR at low [DELTA]K ([approximately equal to] 22 MPa [m.
Figure 6 shows the effect of R on FCGR for X42 steel at a [DELTA]K of 10 MPa [m.
Crack closure can retard FCGR through bridging of the cracked surface around surface asperities from corrosion products, second phase particles or the crack fracture surface itself.
It was found that the ratio of FCGR in hydrogen to that in nitrogen increased as a power function (power of 0.
6 showed that FCGR in hydrogen were not heavily influenced at these low stress ratios.
The researchers compared the FCGR for X42 pipeline steel ([[sigma].
investigated the effect of microstructure on FCGR for API-2H steel specimens exposed to a 3.
If we now compare the effects of strength level on FCG, the X70 alloy exhibited the lowest FCGR when tested in hydrogen.
Accelerations in FCGR due to hydrogen damage may be inhibited by adding small concentrations of certain gases to hydrogen.
th] (by 30 %) in dry hydrogen and accelerated near-threshold FCGR (up to 100 %) were attributed to a lack of oxide-induced-crack closure (50).
The impact of FCGR3A and other genes in the FCGR gene family for optimizing treatment of lymphomas, breast, and colorectal cancers with rituximab, trastuzumab, cetuximab and other recombinant mAbs was the focus of the MAb IMPACT meeting of oncology experts, held in November 2008 in Tours, France.