FdTmFerredoxin from Thermotoga Maritima
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The form of WSVIE that we will consider in this paper with FDTM is
In this article, FDTM is applied to solve (1) and the main theorem is proved on the two-dimensional FDTM, while the one-dimensional FDTM has been applied in [26].
Further, some examples of the application of FDTM are demonstrated, which show the accuracy of the method, in Section 5.
Using (11) and (12), the theorems of FDTM are introduced as follows.
In this section, we try to describe the FDTM for (1) and initial condition (2).
in which [PHI](k, h) and F(k, h) are the FDTM of [phi](x, t) and f(x, t), respectively.