FeS2Iron Sulfide
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Niki, "Catalyses of Fe and FeS2 on the reaction of di(1-naphthyl)methane," Chemistry Letters, vol.
Total Fe value in FeS2 compound (pyrite) if flooded will not harmful to plants but when dry (low moisture content) will be oxidized to iron and sulfuric acid that can become toxic to plants.
It could be suggested that the mechanism of pyrite (FeS2) formation in the lignite of the study area is illustrated by the following reactions:
Mineralogia del proceso de oxidacion bacteriana de la arsenopirita (FeAsS) y pirita (FeS2).
FeS2 + 3.5[O.sub.2] + [H.sub.2]O [right arrow] [Fe.sup.2+] + 2S[O.sup.2-.sub.4] + 2[H.sup.+] + 1409 kJ.
The quantitative determination of FeS2 phases in coal by means of 57Fe Mossbauer spectroscopy.
Similarly, iron oxidizers found growing at the sites of geological deposits of iron sulphide minerals (pyrite: FeS2 and chalcopyrite: CuFeS2) oxidized the ferrous to ferric forms and utilized the energy released there upon and hence are chemolithoautotrophic in nature.
The sulphide would then be converted to pyrite (FeS2), which, once buried, removes the sulphate from the system.
La formacion de pirita (FeS2) a partir de sulfuro de hierro y sulfhidrico suministraria la energia necesaria para reducir el dioxido de carbono.