FeSO4Ferrous Sulfate
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El Mn y Pb solo son removidos por H2O2; mientras que con NaClO y FeSO4 se presenta un ligero aumento en su concentracion.
For that purpose we evaluated different activator and inhibitor including FeSo4 MnSo4 CaCl2 ZnCl2 EDTA TEMED and AgNO3.
Tenders are invited for Yellow maize, Cumbu, Oats, Barley, Soyabean meal, Dryfish, SFDOC, Linseed, Wheatbran nice, DORB, Jaggery, Salt, Palm oil, MgSo4, FeSo4, KI, MnSo4, ZnO, L Lysine, DL Methionine, NaHCo3, Choline Chloride 60 per cent
The medium contained: 200mg MgSO4, 900mg K2HPO4, 200mg KCl, 2mg FeSO4, 2mg MnSO4, 2mg ZnSO4 and 1000mg NH4NO3/L.
The samples of CuFe2O4 were prepared by co-precipitation from CuSO4 and FeSO4 salts and citric acid was added to act as complexent.
For this reason, definite portions of the ore which will be used in bioleaching experiments were added to the medium instead of FeSO4.
Tenders are invited for Requirement Of Services For Main Condenser Feso4 Addition, Preparation Of Refueling Pre-Requisites, Chemical Addition Of Radioactive Spent Resin Immobilization, Assisting For AFR And AAFR Polishing Unit Bed Regeneration.
A combination of NPK, ZnSO4 and FeSO4 significantly reduced the survival of pathogen after eight months of incubation (Sunder and Satyavir, 1998a; Mandal and Chaudhuri, 1988).
One kilogram of mineral premix contained the following: CuSO4x5H20, 26,000 mg; FeSO4, 110,000 mg; MnSO4xH2O, 93,000 mg; ZnSO4xH2O, 190,000 mg; KI, 70,000 mg; Na2SeO3, 42,000 mg; CoCl2, 20,000 mg.
0 g of oven dried plant material, 30 ml of concentrated H2SO4 and 5 g digestion mixture [K2SO4; CuSO4; FeSO4 (100g; 10g; 5g)] was mixed, digested on the gas heater in Kjeldhal digestion flask, cooled and made up the volume to 100 ml.