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FOAFunding Opportunity Announcement (NIH)
FOAFaculty of Actuaries (various locations)
FOAFundamentals of Advertising (course)
FOAForeign Office Architects (UK)
FOAFreedom of Association
FOAFag Og Arbejde (Danish: Trade and Labour)
FOAField of Activity (various organizations)
FOAFinal Offer Arbitration (aka pendulum arbitration)
FOAFiefdom of Angels (Kevin Max novel)
FOAFurther Oral Activity (education)
FOAFriends of Animals
FOAFuzzy Optimization Algorithm
FOAFirst of All
FOAFiber Optic Association
FOAFollowers of Asura (Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures; gaming)
FOAFormula One Association
FOAFramework of Agreement (various locations)
FOAForm of Authorization
FOAFate of Atlantis (Indiana Jones computer game)
FOAFax of Acceptance (contracts)
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FOAForward Operational Assessment (US Army)
FOAFocus of Attention
FOAFestival of Arts
FOAFoyers Occupationnels d'Accueil (French: Occupational Health Homes)
FOAFirst Office Application
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FOAFurther Oral Assessment (education)
FOAFashion Outlets of America Inc. (Lyndhurst, NJ)
FOAFriends of Angelo (loan program)
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FOAFormula One Administration Ltd.
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FOAFull on Assault
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FOAFormatting Objects Authoring (Java application)
FOAFear of Abandonment (psychology)
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FOAFederal Odometer Act
FOAFailed on Arrival (product defectiveness)
FOAFixed-Object-Attachment (highway safety engineering)
FOAFoundation of Annihilation (Counter-Strike gaming clan)
FOAForamen Ovale Apertum
FOAFriends of Amtrak
FOAFoundation for Outdoor Adventure (Britain)
FOAFirst Over All
FOAFailure to Obtain Action
FOAForests Owners' Association (RSA)
FOAFriends of the Argonauts (Canada)
FOAFile Originator's Address
FOAFull Operational Assessment
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FOAFitting-Out Activity/Ability/Availability
FOAFriends of Abe
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FOAFriends of Amy Grant
FOAFriends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool (Liverpool, UK)
FOAForce of Alliance (Wolrd of Warcraft guild)
FOAFuzzy Origination Approach
FOAFunctioning Outer Aspect (Dental)
FOAFunctional Operational Area
FOAFraternity of Assassins Gaming (gaming guild)
FOAFreaks of America
FOAFill on Arrival (prescription fulfillment)
FOAFollow-On Acquisition
FOAFlight Operations and Analysis
FOAFreemans of America (gaming clan)
FOAFresh off the Airplane (Internet slang)
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Having its official poster recently revealed, Certified Mail follows Hala, who has been living with the fear of abandonment since her father passed away when she was 18.
"France, which may not be considered as a traditional ally for Turkey in NATO, is willing to show that Turkey is not alone and therefore this move is meant to address the country's concrete security problems and its fear of abandonment in the Alliance, which was presented as Ankara's pretext for purchasing S-400 from Moscow," Guvenc said.
The report listed jealousy and fear of abandonment as among the prime motives.
'Parents should remember that if a child opens up about sexual abuse, they should never be shamed, otherwise when they grow up they will develop trust issues and will not be able to take responsibility for their bad behaviours out of the fear of abandonment,' Salim concluded.
Qamar Naseem a Human right activist said: 'Census failed to count transgender community properly and vast majority of this population remains closeted and isolated, hidden from the society because they feel incredible pressure to conform with conservative standards of gender and live in fear of abandonment.
The two poems Khairallah's fine-tuning for the slam -- titled "Stage Persona" and "Fear of Abandonment" -- are quite personal in nature.
But inside him, like a gash that nobody sees, is a fear of abandonment. At first, he didn't want to live in with Rich.
For 15 years Beth Rees struggled with paranoia, trust issues and a fear of abandonment.
Her sudden, unexplained disappearances [to hospital] left me with a fear of abandonment. That early, ingrained anxiety about her left me vulnerable to panic attacks."
They also tend to have a fear of abandonment by family or friends, impulsive behaviors such as reckless spending or driving, and intense moods comprised of anger, depression, or irritability that can last days.