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What put the "whole population of Paris in commotion," as Jehan de Troyes expresses it, on the sixth of January, was the double solemnity, united from time immemorial, of the Epiphany and the Feast of Fools.
In this paper these adult observations are juxtaposed with a young child's point-of-view which posits the body, and engagement with food, as a 'feast of fools'--a strategic device at the disposal of the peer group that takes place 'under the radar' of adult scrutiny (and control).
"The feast of fools" is indicative of the similitude between madness and chaos.
Feast of Fools was launched in March by Mark Olver when there were also appearances by Mat Ewins, Pat Gallagher and Angela Barnes.
Margot Fassler, 'The Feast of Fools and Ludus Danielis: Popular Tradition in a Medieval Cathedral Play', Thomas Forrest Kelly (ed.), Plainsong in the Age of Polyphony (Cambridge, 1992), situates both Hilarius's play and the Beauvais Ludus Danielis within the context of the feast of the Circumcision (1 January) and interprets line 3 as a possible reference to the carnivalesque activities associated with that occasion.
Such a message runs counter to the crucial, central theme of the Feast of Fools, which is pure play.
In Sacred Folly: A New History of the Feast of Fools Max Harris sweeps away the generally held view of the Feast of Fools as one of misrule, burlesque, and excess.
A number of Parisian manuscripts of the Summa include the detail that the Feast of Fools was celebrated at the Circumcision (January 1) in Paris.
Nicholas' day, and goes on to identify it as a Peninsular manifestation of the Feast of Fools (323).
At the Feast of Fools, she bravely takes a knife from her leg, proving her deadly nature, and cuts the rope that traps the bellringer Quasimodo.
The brand is a dunkelweizen, with "a hazy brown appearance and a complex aroma of banana, clove, chocolate, and vanilla." According to Magic Hat's Shelly Williams, the beer "delivers a full bodied, almost creamy sensation followed by a soft, tart taste, lively carbonated, with very low bitterness, and a distinctly sweet chocolate flavor from the malt." Saint Gootz will be sold in six-packs, 12-Packs, the new Feast of Fools Variety 12-Packs, cases, and on draught.
The final, and richest, chapter of this short but effective study, 'Dario Fo and Folk Laughter', extends the theoretical base to examine Fo's affinities with the ludi (festivities of Roman religious holidays), the feast of fools, the sotie (fools play), clowneries, folk tales and other genres of ancient popular spectacle.