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FEDFederal Reserve (US central bank)
FEDFaculty of Education (various locations)
FEDFoundations of Education (various schools)
FEDFundamentals of Engineering Design (various schools)
FEDFront End Developer (various companies)
FEDForum for Education and Democracy
FEDFreshman Engineering Design (various schools)
FEDField Emission Display (aka Field Emitter Display)
FEDFar End Device (3M)
FEDFonds Europeen de Developpement (European Development Fund)
FEDForeign Exchange Department (commercial banking)
FEDFachverband Elektronik Design (Professional Electronic Design Association)
FEDFédération Environnement Durable (French: Sustainable Environment Federation)
FEDFondului European de Dezvoltare (Romanian: Development Fund)
FEDFont Editor
FEDField Emitter
FEDFrame Encapsulator Decapsulator
FEDField Emission Display
FEDForcible Entry and Detainer
FEDFundacja Edukacja dla Demokracji (Polish: Education for Democracy Foundation)
FEDFuel Element Debris (nuclear waste)
FEDFoundation for Enterprise Development (SAIC)
FEDFaculty Expertise Database (various schools)
FEDField Emission Device (a display technology)
FEDForest Ecosystem Dynamics
FEDFar East District (Corps of Engineers, US Army)
FEDForward Entry Device
FEDFuture Electron Devices
FEDForum for Energy and Development
FEDFluid Engineering Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
FEDForum Entreprise Défense (French: Defense Enterprise Forum)
FEDFlight Events Demonstration (US NASA)
FEDFrequent Epileptic Discharges
FEDFederal Ecosystem Directorate
FEDFoundation for Education for Democracy (Poland)
FEDFort Edward-Glen Falls (Amtrak station code; New York)
FEDFish-Eye Disease
FEDFundacion Ecuatoriana de Desarrollo (Spanish)
FEDFelix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (Russian-Ukraine cameras)
FEDFacilities Engineering Division
FEDFederation Execution Data
FEDFusion Engineering Device
FEDFlotilla Enrollment Date
FEDFederation Execution Details
FEDFrequency Error Detector
FEDFrequency Envelope Distribution (algorithm)
FEDFederal Reporter Digests (early US Federal court decisions)
FEDFixed-Erasure Decoding
FEDFor Elite Drivers
FEDFemmes Environnement et Développement (French)
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In this group calves received colostrum at 10% LBW for three days, then milk was fed at 10% LBW for 4 days, then milk feeding at 10% LBW + CSR for 23 days, after then milk feeding reduced to 5% LBW + CSR + HGF for 40 days, then milk feeding at 2.5% LBW + CSR + HGF for 20 days, and finally milk at 2.5% LBW + CSR + HGF for next 20 days.
Hence it was inferred that infants who are cup fed are more likely to breast feed11-13 and the use of bottles or artificial nipples is discouraged14,15.
Body weight gain (g): Significantly (Pless than 0.05) higher body weight gain was observed in ad-libitum and 3- hour fed quails followed by 2- hour and one- hour fed quails (Table 3).
Fat supplementation in the ration of broilers kept under various feeding methods significantly (P less than 0.05) reduced the body weight gain than those fed ration without supplementation of fat.
There had been concern among economists and the Fed's board members that if home prices leveled off or even worse, plummeted as a result of a housing bubble, consumer spending would dip.
Greenspan, former chairman of President Gerald Ford's Council of Economic Advisers, served as head of a Social Security reform commission during the first Reagan administration, then took over the Fed from the great inflation buster Paul Volcker.
Maybe inflation and economic growth aren't the only two guideposts for the Fed. Sharp increases in stock or housing prices clearly spur people to spend more because they feel rich--however fleeting their paper fortunes may turn out to be.
A second critical issue is whether the Fed and financial markets are following the best definition of inflation.
Once again, this reflects the perverse economic priorities that have been fostered by the Fed. In recent years, the Fed has defined its mission as that of stimulating "aggregate demand" in order to keep the economy afloat.
When the feed path is restricted between a side riser and the casting section being fed, a top riser (Fig.
In a large study of over 15,000 adolescents, kids fed primarily breast milk for the first six months were 22% less likely to be overweight by age 14.
On average, futures rates overpredict future fed funds rates, and, depending on whether fed funds rates are falling or rising, the futures rate may consistently overestimate or underestimate the future fed funds rates.