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F/P/TFederal/Provincial/Territorial (Canada)
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Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park recently brought home gold, an Alberta first in the Federal/Provincial/Territorial category within the Institute of Public Administration Public Sector Leadership Awards.
I participate on several federal/provincial/territorial committees pertaining to foreign qualification recognition with colleagues from other government departments as well as Health Canada.
I recommend that the CSC undertake a broad consultation with federal/provincial/territorial and non governmental partners to review the provision of health care to federal offenders and to propose alternative models for the provision of these services.
The National Cultural Tourism Award was developed during a dialogue between the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Culture/Heritage and Tourism Initiative and the tourism association.
(3-8) It also involved a cross-country collaborative federal/provincial/territorial tour; presentations to major intermediaries and NGOs, both nationally and internationally; displays at events; inserts and features in the Department of Health and Welfare's magazines; a radio information series; columns for newspapers; and "Fax-Sheets" for key public health decision-makers including Ministers of Health.
Strategies and policy recommendations that could have a positive impact on inequitable educational opportunities linked to family socio-economic status include: (1) political commitment to a national poverty reduction strategy for Canada; (2) an increased minimum wage; (3) an expansion of eligibility for Employment Insurance; (4) a major investment in social housing; (5) improved accessibility and affordability of post-secondary education and training; (6) the inclusion of child and youth services as part of federal/provincial/territorial agreements concerning immigrants and refugees; and (7) adequate funding for First Nation's child welfare agencies to deliver in-home support and prevention services to First Nation's children and their families.
The workshop convened by CWHN comes a full 20 years after the release of the Canadian Mental Health Association landmark report, Women and Mental Health in Canada: Strategies for Change (April 1987), and almost 15 years after a federal/provincial/territorial Working Group on Women's Health released its report, Working Together for Women's Mental Health: A Framework for the Development of Policies and Programs (March 1993), which includes mental health as a key focus.
The Strategy supplements, rather than replaces, the traditional federal/provincial/territorial (FPT) process of meetings.
Once the individual turns 65, $1,000 annually of RRIF withdrawals or RRSP annuity payments will qualify for the federal/provincial/territorial pension income credit ($1,147 in Alberta and $1,158 in Ontario, where the credit amount is indexed).
collaboration, and joint federal/provincial/territorial planning
* assist with efforts to ensure that the concerns and issues affecting Albertans with disabilities are represented in federal/provincial/territorial processes;
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