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FDCFirst Day Cover
FDCForum for Democratic Change (est. 2004)
FDCFédération Départementale des Chasseurs (French: Departmental Federation of Hunters)
FDCFloppy Disk Controller
FDCFactory Direct Craft (Springboro, OH)
FDCFirst Data Corporation
FDCFunds Dissemination Committee (Wikimedia)
FDCFamily Day Care
FDCFloppy Disk Card
FDCFddi Capture File
FDCFerrari Data Center
FDCFahr Dynamik Control
FDCFile Data Classifier
FDCFundação Dom Cabral (University)
FDCFrench Drift Community (forum)
FDCFollicular Dendritic Cell
FDCFicha de Dados Cadastrais (Portuguese: Registration Data Sheet; Brazil)
FDCFire Direction Center
FDCFreedom from Debt Coalition (Philippines)
FDCFederal Detention Center
FDCFault Detection and Classification
FDCFaïencerie de Charolles (French: Charolles Pottery)
FDCFood Distribution Center (various locations)
FDCFire Department Connection
FDCFukuoka Dental College (Japan)
FDCFormation Density Log (energy industry)
FDCFaith Driven Consumer
FDCFlight Data Center
FDCFleur de Coin (French: mint condition; coin collecting)
FDCField Data Center
FDCFunded Defined Contribution
FDCFlow Duration Curve (surface hydrology)
FDCFilm Development Corporation (Bangladesh)
FDCFederal Data Corporation
FDCFox-Davies Capital (UK)
FDCFondo de Desarrollo Campesino (Spanish: Farmer Development Fund; various locations)
FDCFood Development Corporation (Texas)
FDCFully Distributed Costs
FDCFlanders District of Creativity
FDCFight Directors Canada
FDCForm/Design Center (Sweden)
FDCFenland District Council (UK)
FDCForward Data Channel
FDCFood Development Center (Philippines)
FDCFond Départemental de Compensation (French: Departmental Compensation Fund)
FDCFixed Drug Combination
FDCFile Delete Child
FDCFamily Duty Counsel (Canada)
FDCFolk Development College (Tanzania)
FDCForest Decimal Classification
FDCFriday Drinks Club
FDCForest Defenders Camp (Greenpeace)
FDCFirst Digitized Corps
FDCForster Drilling Corporation (Houston, TX)
FDCFire Detection Center
FDCFlight Director Computer
FDCFlight Data Company
FDCFlorida Department of Citrus
FDCFacility Design Criteria
FDCFlorida Development Commission
FDCField Data Computer
FDCFunctional Data Coordinator
FDCFirst District Court
FDCFragness Defence Clan (gaming clan)
FDCFrequency Domain Convolution
FDCFederal Disaster Control
FDCFirestar Design Company (Grand Junction, CO)
FDCFather's Day Council Carolinas
FDCFrequency Domain Coding
FDCForward Direction Center
FDCFinal Design Criteria
FDCFormation Drone Control
FDCFault Decision Criteria
FDCFlexy Disk Controller
FDCForced Draft Cooler (fans)
FDCFunctional Design Criterion
FDCFixed-Decade Capacitor
FDCForever Dropping Casualties (gaming clan)
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Let's remember that Vanessa Leggett, a novice journalist protecting the rights of all reporters to shield confidential sources, was spending her 52nd day as a prisoner in the Federal Detention Center in Houston when Islamist fanatics dressed in the business-casual attire of Corporate America steered passenger airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
A former prisoner and detainees at a federal detention center sued officials alleging they were subjected to unconstitutional conditions of confinement.
It concerns John Dalton, resident for the past twenty-one months at the federal detention center in Dublin, California, a few miles east of the Lawrence Livermore Labs.
He was being held at a federal detention center in Miami.
He is now in the federal detention center in Batavia, New York, where he is awaiting deportation to the United Kingdom.
Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis said his jail is not contracted as a federal detention center.
Other major projects that they have worked on include H-3, Ala Moana Shopping Center's 3rd floor expansion, the City of Kapolei infrastructure, the Neiman Marcus department store, Keck Observatory, the submarine berthing pier at Pearl Harbor and, most recently, the new federal detention center near the airport.
Dannie Martin violated the terms of his parole this June and landed back in a federal detention center in California.
The 36-year-old Doherty has been in a federal detention center for eight years, fighting to win the right to post bail.
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