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FJCFederal Judicial Center (US)
FJCFamily Justice Center
FJCField Joint Coating (pipeline engineering)
FJCFederation of Jewish Communities
FJCFargo Jet Center (Fargo, ND)
FJCFoundation for Jewish Culture (New York, NY)
FJCFirst Jump Course (skydiving/BASE)
FJCFreely Jointed Chain
FJCForum des Jeunes Chercheurs (French: Young Investors Forum)
FJCFullerton Junior College (now Fullerton College)
FJCThe Foundation for Jewish Camping
FJCFrancisco Jean-Christophe (French tiling company)
FJCFresno Judo Club (martial arts; Fresno, CA)
FJCFerrite Junction Circulator
FJCFederal Judiciary Council (Mexico)
FJCForzara Judo Club (martial arts; Singapore)
FJCFestival Jeunesse Créative (French: Creative Youth Festival)
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Noonan from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, will spend her fellowship working with the Federal Judicial Center.
gov/history/judges/garcia-orlando-luis) Federal Judicial Center.
researchers at the Federal Judicial Center, (15) and scholars such as
The Federal Judicial Center is also encouraging early and active judicial case management.
The Federal Judicial Center (FJC), which is the research and education agency of the federal judicial system, is tasked with a statutory mission to develop and conduct education programs for the judiciary.
During the forum, Director of the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, DC Mr.
employers have been increasing for the last five years, according to Federal Judicial Center calculations.
In this regard, they appear to ignore (1) a broad body of valuation literature, some of which has appeared here in The Appraisal Journal as well as other valuation-oriented publications, (2) a wide acceptance of CVM for valuation of real estate in both state and federal courts, and (5) published guidance on the topic from the Federal Judicial Center.
Moreover, even the most recent study--a 2009 survey of lawyers by the Federal Judicial Center (113)--has its limitations.
1994) (rejecting Federal Judicial Center and Judicial Conference Committee on Court Administration and Case Management recommendations); see also Johnson & Krafka, supra note 15, at 43 (suggesting recommendations for Judicial Conference based on data evaluated during pilot project); Ralph E.
This statistic, like those that follow, was compiled by Senator Hatch's staff from sources including the Congressional Record; Federal Judicial Center, Biographical Directory of Federal Judges, http://www.
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