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FLRAFederal Labor Relations Authority
FLRAFamily Law Reform Act of 1969 (UK)
FLRAFamily Law Reform Association (Australia)
FLRAField Level Risk Assessments
FLRAFair Labor Relations Act
FLRAFemale Labor Reform Association (Lowell, MA)
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Department of the Interior,(6) the Court rejected a Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals holding that the Federal Labor Relations Authority could not require Federal agencies to engage in midterm bargaining with their employees' unions when they were covered by an existing collective bargaining agreement.
Rosenbloom's analysis of the Federal Labor Relations Authority indicates that "FLRA has not yet molded Title VII into a coherent body of law for the creation and regulation of a vigorous bilateral collective bargaining system".
The bill would require that every state and local government enter into a collective bargaining relationship with their police, firefighters and emergency medical technicians and would place all oversight with the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FRLA).
The US Federal Labor Relations Authority has ruled that airport security screeners do not have the right to unionise.
When several federal circuit courts upheld the Federal Labor Relations Authority decision that the executive order did not constitute a binding election to negotiate over permissive subjects under Section 7106(b)(1) of the statute, the balance between mandatory versus permissive use of traditional and nontraditional methods was established.
Evidence for this assertion can be found in the persistent litigation in this area before the Federal Labor Relations Authority, which is charged with administering the statue, as well as in documents such as the detailed memorandum of guidance on bargainable issues recently published by the FLRA'S General Counsel.
It is probably no coincidence that union members on the OJP staff, who filed no unfair labor practice charges with the Federal Labor Relations Authority between 1975 and 1988, have filed 14 such complaints since Gurule took over in 1988.
For the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA), Paradigm will be providing a complete audit, as well as revisions and updates, of all plans related to FLRA's emergency management program.
Masons government experience also includes serving as an attorney at the Federal Labor Relations Authority and as an Air Force civilian employee in Europe.
Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA),(6) presents the Court with the question of whether "active" union representation is available to a Federal employee during an interview by the inspector general's office.
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