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FLBFederal Land Bank
FLBFrancesca Lia Block (author)
FLBFront de Liberation de la Bretagne (French: Breton Liberation Front)
FLBFormat Library
FLBFédération Luxembourgeoise de Boxe (French: Luxembourg Boxing Federation; Luxembourg)
FLBFramed, Ledged & Braced (wood design)
FLBFantasy League Baseball
FLBForward Logistics Base
FLBFamily Life Bureau (various locations)
FLBFédération Libanaise de Basketball (French: Lebanese Basketball Federation)
FLBFat Lazy Bastard
FLBFirst Liberty Bank (various locations)
FLBFonderie et Laminoir de Breteuil (French foundry)
FLBFisheries Loan Board (Canada)
FLBFreshfield Lane Brickworks (UK)
FLBFly Like A Bird (song)
FLBFolsom Lake Bowl (Folsom, CA)
FLBFluorescently Labeled Bacteria
FLBFlow Brazing
FLBFreelance Blues (comic book)
FLBFunny Looking Beat (medical/cardiac slang)
FLBFat Little Buddies (tavern; Ohio)
FLBFunny Little Beat (EMS slang)
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The twelve Federal Land Banks (FLBs) that made up the system provided long-term mortgage credit to farmers and ranchers at low rates of interest.
Unlike the Federal Land Banks and the War Finance Corporation, the FICBs were authorized to discount with Federal Reserve Banks any eligible real bills that they had discounted for member banks, (91) making the FICBs the only institutions other than member banks with access to the Federal Reserve's discount window.
As is clear, the Godwin case exhibited a crucial identity of key facts with those of Boley: Federal Land Bank occupied the same position relative to the land as had Daniel in Boley--a third-party refinancing lender whose only claimed interest in the property was that it had satisfied a superior lien thereon at the request of the mortgagor.
While the rally was in progress, Clinton County Sheriff Robert DeFreece told me that he had expected trouble and had called everyone from Federal Land Bank officials to Missouri Senator John Danforth in hope of persuading someone to call off the sale.
The System's Federal Land Banks and Federal Intermediate Banks were required to merge.
In the 1930s, most farm mortgages were issued by local commercial banks, private individuals, insurance companies, and federal land banks. Insurance companies tended to be larger and more diversified and to have a lower cost of funds than did banks and individual lenders.
* Diversification risk: Both the FCS's federal land banks of the 1980s and the present-day FHLBanks are restricted geographically in their lending portfolio, and both prevent member institutions from diversifying risk through multiple membership.
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