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This result, together with the only slight increase in the employment rate for non-disabled individuals, may call into question further increases to the federal minimum wage.
Senator Ted Kennedy and other Democrats have tried for years to raise the federal minimum wage without success.
California employers still must pay employees the higher of the state and federal minimum wage rates, and California's rate historically has been higher.
If elected, Republican presidential frontrunner Ronald Reagan declares that he will seek repeal of the federal minimum wage law, the federal inheritance tax (without regard to economic circumstances), and federal income tax on the interest from saving.
Meanwhile Congress can't fix the federal minimum wage because it can't select a single wage amount, like $8.
The Campaign for a Fair Minimum Wage--a coalition of more than 200 religious, civil-rights, labor, women's, children's, and public policy advocacy groups--has lobbied the Congress relentlessly for almost seven years now to achieve a decent, modest increase in the federal minimum wage.
45B provides employers with an income tax credit that equals the FICA taxes paid on each employee's tips to the extent that the amount paid exceeds the tax due on each employee's Federal minimum wage.
President Clinton, while pushing for an increase in the federal minimum wage, has said he would veto any bill with those two components.
Anyone receiving the current federal minimum wage of $5.
WASHINGTON -- The president of the lobbying arm of the mass retail industry has asked President Clinton not to endorse congressional calls to further increase the federal minimum wage.
A third piece of legislation affecting nursing home operations that emerged in the productive spring on Capitol Hill was the movement to raise the federal minimum wage from $4.
ONE of the traditional criticisms of a federal minimum wage policy is that it imposes a higher relative wage floor in regions with lower average.
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