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FRPFiberglass-Reinforced Plastic
FRPFiber Reinforced Polymer
FRPFibre Reinforced Polymer
FRPFremskrittspartiet (Norwegian: Progress Party; political party)
FRPFlight Refuelling Probe
FRPFederal response plan (USG)
FRPFire Radiative Power (radiant energy measurement)
FRPFull Rate Plus
FRPFord Racing Parts
FRPFinal Revised Proposal
FRPFrame Relay Pad
FRPFleet Response Plan (US Navy)
FRPFantasy Role Playing
FRPFolding Roof Prism (binoculars)
FRPFull Rate Production
FRPFull-Rate Production
FRPFunctional Reactive Programming
FRPFunctional Restoration Program (various organizations)
FRPFacility Response Plan (OPA 1990)
FRPFiber Reinforced Polyester
FRPForestry Research Programme (UK DFID)
FRPFiberglass-Reinforced Plywood
FRPFull Retail Price
FRPForest Recycling Project (UK)
FRPFederal Radionavigation Plan
FRPFoundation Research Program (various organizations)
FRPFinancial Risk Profile
FRPFlooring Radiant Panel (fire safety)
FRPFraction of Rated Power (US NRC)
FRPFlorida Registered Paralegal
FRPFrédéric Robbes Productions (French film company)
FRPFord Racing Puma
FRPFragmentation Protocol
FRPFamily Reunion Program (prision visitation)
FRPFaculty Research Participation
FRPFee Reduction Program (various organizations)
FRPFinancial Responsibility Plan (various organizations)
FRPFire Resistant Pit
FRPFiber Reinforced Product
FRPFinancial Rules and Procedures
FRPForward Reservation Protocol
FRPFuel Reprocessing Plant
FRPFleet Replacement Pilot
FRPFixed Reference Price
FRPFragment Reassembly Processor (Cisco)
FRPFacility Review Plan
FRPFacilities Restoration Program
FRPFully-Resolved Predicate
FRPFront Range Pilot
FRPFundación Rio Parnaiba (Brasil)
FRPFailure Replacement Policy
FRPFuel Rack Position
FRPForward Repair Pool
FRPFrequency Reuse Pattern
FRPForm/Rebar/Pour (concrete)
FRPForward Range Pressure
FRPFinite Range Potential(s)
FRPFallback Rendezvous Point
FRPFire-Rated Protection
FRPForest Rights Programme (Nepal)
FRPFalse Rejection Probability
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It was built on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and replaces the old Federal Response Plan and Federal Interagency CONPLAN.
In April 1992, the Federal Response Plan (FRP), developed in response to criticism of FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo and based upon a 1988 catastrophic earthquake plan developed by the agency, was completed.
The impetus for this expanded system was FEMA's changes to the Federal Response Plan, associated with California earthquakes and Hurricane Floyd.
And in fact as I mentioned earlier, DOD'S support missions predate both the Stafford Act and the Federal Response Plan and indeed go back to the earliest days of our nation's history.
When fully implemented, it will supersede the Initial National Response Plan (INRP), the Federal Response Plan (FRP), the U.
In addition, OET provides planning assistance liaison with other elements of the federal transportation community, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the military, state and local authorities, and the transportation industry, serving as the lead agency for the transportation element of the Federal Response Plan.
For example, the Federal Response Plan is a system for bringing together multiple federal agencies.
FEMAs role is intended to protect public health and safety, restore essential government services and provide emergency relief to government, businesses and individuals affected by the consequences of terrorism, using structures and resources of the Federal Response Plan.
Further, the strike teams are key tactical response units for the EPA to call on when responding under the Federal Response Plan Emergency Support Function #10.
40) The more recent Terrorism Incident Annex to the Federal Response Plan demonstrates that this situation has not changed:
The Federal Response Plan provides the framework under which 26 Federal departments and agencies and the American Red Cross carry out assigned functional responsibilities in response to state requests for Federal assistance when the consequences of major disasters and emergencies overwhelm state and local capabilities.
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