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Its better digestibility, palatability and enhanced performance in terms of feed conversion rate over mash feed, has caused a seismic shift in end-user preferences.
The results showed that the mixing group increased the feed conversion rate by 10.04% than the control group, and the yeast group increased the feed conversion rate by 4.14% compared with the control group.
Jamie said: "Since using BCXF bird health has improved and, with weight increases, lower mortality, coupled with a much-improved feed conversion rate, the financial gains have far outweighed the cost of the product.
The zootechnical performance parameters evaluated in this study were as follows: final weight; absolute growth rate (AGR) (calculated as the final weight minus initial weight and divided by the number of ex perimental days); feed conversion rate (FCR) (calculated as the total amount of dry feed provided to the fishes divided by the total weight gain (final weight minus initial weight)); survival rate in percentages (calculated as the final fish number divided by the initial fish number and multiplied by 100); and, final total biomass (BF) (calculated as the final weight multiplied by the fish number at the end of the experiment).
The study data regarding the mean increase in weight, the specific growth rate (SGR), the feed conversion rate (FCR) and the survival rate are shown in Table 1.
Feed conversion rate (FCR) for the 6-week experimental period was determined weekly as feed intake/egg mass.
This will improve the FCR (Feed Conversion Rate), which means less feed will be provided to the fish and therefore, less organic material and energy are consumed for the production of the feed.
There were no significant differences between Treatments 1 (0% algae) and 2 (3% algae) in the specific growth rate and feed conversion rate (Table 1).
Feed intake (FI), eggs production (EP), average eggs weight (AEW), feed conversion rate (FCR), specific gravity (SG), shell ratio (SR), shell thickness (ST) of eggs of semi-weighted laying hens aged 44 to 50 weeks fed diet with enzyme supplementation.
Feed consumption, feed conversion rate, and body weights were determined for each pen.