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FTHFinn the Human (Adventure Time animated TV series)
FTHFor the Horde (game, World of Warcraft)
FTHFédération Tunisienne de l'Hôtellerie (French: Tunisian Federation of Hotels; Tunisia)
FTHFeed the Hungry (various organizations)
FTHFerritin Heavy (chain)
FTHFiber to the Home
FTHFalkirk Town Hall (UK)
FTHFree the Hops (Alabamians for Specialty Beer; Vestavia Hills, AL)
FTHFrom the Hip
FTHFondation pour une Terre Humaine (French: Foundation for Human Earth; Switzerland)
FTHFrance Traitement Habitat (French wood company)
FTHFile Transaction Hub
FTHFrame Time-Hopping
FTHFrom the Hallows (band)
FTHFraction of Transportation Power Supplied by Hydro (Carolina Environmental Program)
FTHForget The Haters (polite form)
References in classic literature ?
I -- a man of thought -- the book-worm of great libraries -- a man already in decay, having given my best years to feed the hungry dream of knowledge -- what had I to do with youth and beauty like thine own?
I can't bear to see such crowds of eager little fellows at the libraries reading such trash; weak, when it is not wicked, and totally unfit to feed the hungry minds that feast on it for want of something better.
So he cured the lame and the sick and the blind, and he worked miracles to feed the hungry because, he said, he was sorry for them; and he was very kind to the little children and comforted those who had lost their friends; and he spoke very tenderly to poor sinners that were sorry for their sins.
Now, John, I don't know anything about politics, but I can read my Bible; and there I see that I must feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and comfort the desolate; and that Bible I mean to follow.
Your contribution helps fund FHFHs mission and pay for the processing of donated deer and livestock to feed the hungry.
Valentina Angelovska in Dnevnik comments that Serbia is the first country on the Balkans that prepares a law on food surplus which anticipates formation of "food banks" that will collect the food surplus from restaurants, fast foods, markets and feed the hungry instead of dumping the food in the garbage.
Each stall holder will pay a e1/415 fee, e1/45 of which will go towards the 'Matthew 25 feed the hungry in Paphos' project, which is run by the Paphos Christian Fellowship International PCFI.
team members, Catherine Smith, their Communications Coordinator, recently volunteered at a local event to assemble meals to feed the hungry.
Mercy in the City" by Kerry Weber has to have one of the all time great subtitles: 'How to Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Visit the Imprisoned, and Keep Your Day Job'.
We went home that evening and my husband woke up the next morning and I was in the process of cancelling out the venue and he said, 'No, what we'll do is donate it to Hosea Feed the Hungry,' Carol Fowler told ABCNews.
Members, employees and the community came together to collect food and money to provide 95,279 meals to feed the hungry.
JESUS FREAK: FEEDING HEALING RAISING THE DEAD offers moving stories of those who respond to Jesus' call to feed the hungry, heal the sick, and cast out demons.