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FNNFeed-Forward Neural Network (semiconductors)
FNNFinance News Network (Australia)
FNNFinancial News Network
FNNFuzzy Neural Network
FNNFox News Network
FNNFédération Française de Naturisme (French: French Federation of Naturism)
FNNFédération Nationale des Négociants en Bois (French: National Federation of Wood Traders; Belgium)
FNNFlat Neighborhood Network
FNNFull National Number (all digits of a telephone number)
FNNFarmer and Nature Net
FNNFundación Nicaragua Nuestra (Spanish: Our Foundation Nicaragua)
FNNFunkeln Nagel Neu (band)
FNNFuture Network News
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Then, the same pure cornering condition test data is fitted using a three-layer feed-forward neural network. In this manner, a simplified intelligent tire model is built.
An LDNN model for gender recognition is proposed in [20], where a feed-forward neural network without dropout is used.
A feed-forward neural network that calculates optimal dynamic and economical shift schedules using a three-parameter shift schedule has been presented [13].
A feed-forward neural network was used to represent non-linear relationships among variables.
Extreme learning machine (ELM) is a single-hidden layer feed-forward neural network (SLFN) proposed by Huang et al.
In [4], Soderkvist extracted shape characteristics and moment features of the leaves and analyzed the 15 different Swedish tree classes using back propagation for the feed-forward neural network. In [5], Fu et al.
This paper adopts historical data to train BP feed-forward neural network and combines theoretical weather prediction information to forecast the output power of photovoltaic power station.
It is a multilayer feed-forward neural network trained by error backpropagation algorithm.
Step 5: Train feed-forward neural network by taking input as reduced set of feature vectors and their corresponding class labels.
Odom and Sharda (1990) apply the three-layer feed-forward neural network model in the study of financial crisis early-warning.
In this research, feed-forward neural network with back-propagation algorithm will be used to predict the maximum local scour depth around single cylindrical bridge pier under clear water conditions and comparison of the results with twelve of the most common predictive formulas, listed in Table (1).