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FCLFeedback Control Loop
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Table 1 Parameters and Variables for Feedback Control Loop Optimization Parameter Type Range Room air temp sensor - Room air setpoint input 19 to 25 C (66 to 77 F) Cooling valve pos.
However, the framework may be of limited value in the treatment of asynchronous control problems, such as those encountered in tactical decision making, which may not be well characterized by a standard negative feedback control loop. Also, the mathematical formalisms of control theory are not yet sophisticated enough to comprehensively account for human cognitive processes (Bainbridge, 1981).
The control algorithms from an earlier version of the HAB were expanded on by adding the rate feedback control loop to improve performance and reliability.
This contribution focuses on graphical analysis of robust stability for a feedback control loop containing the parametrically uncertain second order time-delay model of a main irrigation canal pool and a fractional order PI controller [4].
The proposed methodology requires only routine operating data from an existing simple feedback control loop and knowledge of the process delays.
Assume a conventional feedback control loop with a controlled plant:
A feedback control loop will oscillate when there is a frequency at which the loop gain is unity or greater and the total phase lag equals 3600.
A standard feedback control loop was used in the first place and after it also Smith predictor.
Suppose the classical feedback control loop with continuous-time controlled plant:
So, the principal problem is if the controller designed for nominal system will keep some properties of the feedback control loop also for system really controlled, which falls into certain neighbourhood, in other words, if the controller will keep these properties not only for one nominal system, but for the whole family of systems (Kucera, 2001).
This partial access to the state of the system has been the reason for developing model-based observers which are integrated in the feedback control loop. In practice, robot manipulators are equipped with high precision position sensors, such as encoders.
They are the eyes and ears of the feedback control loops that ensure long-term, problem-free operation of motors, drives and actuators and hence of machines and equipment.