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Nay," he replied, "but I shall speedily feel better if you will fetch me that same beggar and let me have a fair chance at him.
I hope you will feel better and happier in the morning," he said.
Peter said he thought he might feel better if he went for a walk.
Auntie says it 'tones' me up, and I always feel better after it.
He tremblingly ventured to say that if she would retire from the town he should feel better and safer, and could hold his head higher--and was going on to make an argument, but she interrupted and surprised him pleasantly by saying she was ready; it didn't make any difference to her where she stayed, so that she got her share of the pension regularly.
I felt so good, that somehow, somewhere, in me arose an insatiable greed to feel better.
Nowhere on earth shall I now feel better than with thee
I know it, but it makes me feel better," said Rebecca largely; "and then I've had it two years, and it's broken so it wouldn't ever be any real good, beautiful as it is to look at.
There," he said, moving off and surveying his deed, "yeh look like th' devil, but I bet yeh feel better.
To help boost confidence, Look Good Feel Better hosts free skincare and make-up classes all over the UK for people undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.
Everyone involved with Look Good Feel Better would like to thank the P&G teams across the UK who have worked so hard to raise PS15,000, for this year's Feel Better Week.
To kick off its silver anniversary year, Look Good Feel Better has unveiled a 25th Anniversary Video on You Tube, which raises awareness of the program and its power to "Reimagine Beauty.