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FFTIFreedom for Targeted Individuals
FFTIFeel Free to Ignore
FFTIFederazione Field Target Italia (Italian)
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Though many may feel free to ignore her, this is America after all, perhaps it really is time for us to give this brave woman a shot.
But feel free to ignore rules, said Lomb Kato, a Hungarian who died in 2003 with at least 17 languages under her belt.
What could be less romantic than something which says 'I love you, feel free to ignore me all night and play on Angry Birds.' I'll tell you what: a Valentine's tea towel.
"People should now feel free to ignore that outdated estate agent's rule that all interiors must be neutral.
Too often, decision makers don't know who we are and feel free to ignore us.
I'm putting on my Democrat and original Obama supporter cap now, so feel free to ignore my fawning from here on out.
One reason that the MP3 cataloging programs (like the Media Manager supplied with PrismIQ) feel free to ignore current structure is the use of metadata that is stored as part of the music file.
Little wonder most women feel free to ignore organized feminism.
Why so, if councillors feel free to ignore their advice and act ultra vires (beyond their powers)?
As Judge Julia Cooper Mack of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit put it, "no reasonable innocent black male (with any knowledge of American history) would feel free to ignore or walk away from a drug interdicting team."